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    Spacing/layout Suggestions

    Ok so I'm needing to go from my 20in x 36in tent to my 4ft x 4ft tent for flower,I have 4 qb288 in 2700k and 3 vero29 cobs in 3000k,each has it's own driver running each board and cob around 50w each,total around 350w,I'd like to build a frame for all these lights and get the most even coverage...
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    Biobizz Or Nftg??

    Which one should I get/try??
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    X8 Qb120s In A 4x4 Tent

    So after realizing the Hlg550 is out of my budget for a light for my 4x4 tent I have been on a mission to diy a QB setup for around half the price,around 500 or so. I think I have found the solution. x4 qb120s $125x2 at amazon $250 Mean well hlg-240h-c2100 $69 at rapidled Powe cord,dimmer and...
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    Seeded Plants,do They Look Ready???

    I have 2 plants tga subcool's The third dimension pollinated by a Bodhi lemon lotus,they were hit with the pollen around 4wks into flower and Saturday will be day 60 of flower. This is my first seed run and I want to make sure the seeds are mature enough before harvesting. What do yall think...
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    Which Vaporizer Should I Get?

    I would like some opinions on which vaporizer I should get. I plan to use it mainly for buds but may occasionally use it for rosin or bubble hash so wax compatible would be a nice feature. My top contenders so far are the Firefly2,the Mighty,Arizer Solo2 or Air2 and the DaVinci IQ. Right now I...
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    Type Of Vape For Kief/bubble Hash

    What kind of cartridge should I use for kief,a flower or wax cart? And I'm assuming I should use a wax cart for bubble hash? Also would It just be better to turn kief into bubble then vape?
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    Subcool/norstar Partnership?

    Seems like subcool and norstar have been doing some collab work together or at the least strain sharing,anyone else notice this,also Gooeybreeder dropped his own line called Canna Exotics. Wonder if it has anything to do with subcool losing some strains or whatever to a fire??
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    3 Cotlyedons And 1st Leaves?

    Just had an XBJ16 from second generation genetics sprout and it has 3 cotlyedons and 3 first leaves showing. I've never seen or heard of this at this stage,anyone else have any experience with this phenomenon?
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    Open Pollination Question

    I have a pack of 2 strains left that I want to do an open pollination of each strain,when I do this will the resulting seeds be considered f2s or what exactly?
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    Nutes Expired?

    So I have over a half bottle of fox farms microbe brew and bembe liquid nutes left and the last time I mixed em the water never turned an amber color like it used to and it looked like their was little bits and pieces of stuff in the water,does this mean they are no longer good or usable or...
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    Availability Of Natural Inputs?

    So I'm curious as to the speed of availability of natural inputs such as alfalfa meal,kelp meal,bone meal,etc when used as top dressing,or mixed with water as a sort of tea versus the basically immediate availability of salt based ferts. I'd like to/planning on trying this out with a couple...
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    Real Growers Recharge In Coco?

    It's a microbial inoculant,curious if anyone has used it in coco before?
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    Do Resin Glands Equal Potency?

    Not sure where to post this but I've been thinking about my last harvest and my least frosty plant is noticeably more potent and the effect stronger than the other plants that were frostier by far. So are we quantifying potency as how many resin glands their are or how much of certain...
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    Best Use Of My Avb?

    Ok so I've never made or consumed edibles or tinctures,i have taken dabs,etc. I use my vape pen quite often and keep the remains,what is the best use of this avb? Should I do canna coco oil for baking or caps or should I make a brown dragon type tincture? I'm sure it will require more material...
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    Decisions Decisions

    Ok so I'm gunna grab a few packs for a green Friday sale and I've narrowed down the breeders and strains somewhat but id like a lil help on the final decisions,anyone that would like to chime in is welcome,here are the choices. Choose 2 packs of Bodhi from Soraya,SSDD,jungle...
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    Chocolate Seeds

    So I've been wanting to run some chocolate strains for a long time now and everytime I go to get some beans the choc strains are sold out. Anyone know of some good choco strains out there now and where they mite be??? Seeds not cuts please.
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    Same Plants/different Strains

    So I've had this happen a couple times and its kind of a mystery to me. I grew a swiss cheese from nirvana and a white widow from dinafem at different times never together that resembled each other almost identically from the smell,taste,growth and bud structure,also had a critical hog from t h...
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    Herms Have Their Place

    So I know that most growers can't stand hermies and would do anything to avoid them at all cost but they do have a place and purpose for the cannabis plant and some growers and breeders. In its natural environment most or at least many sativa landrace are herms,not 100% sure why and there is a...
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    Pistil Positive Creations?

    Anyone grow anything from them? Found em on JBC cheap at 40 a 13pack,i have gorilla grodd vegging now and also have their pie faced. I believe their selection is all F1 crosses or something like that lol.
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    Less Is More,more Or Less

    Over my few years of growing i have come to my own conclusion that nutrients are way overrated,over used and generally in soil not needed. I am by no means an expert but I'm also not a newb and I have been cutting the amount of nutes I use grow by grow without seeing a difference in...