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  1. DylanBear

    Banana Og Day 62: Last Day Before Chop!

    Nice mate, How was the flavour?
  2. DylanBear

    Show Us Ur Vag Mondays.

    Thank you mate
  3. DylanBear

    What strain is this?

    Impossible to say what strain this is.
  4. DylanBear

    What are you listening to right now?

    heading out to the football soon so got the Rangers tunes on 😀
  5. DylanBear

    Hello hello

    Hi everyone, just a wee post to introduce myself. I've been a growing for around 15 years, but unfortunately i live in Scotland which has some shite laws regarding the plant we all love. Thank you for allowing me into your fantastic forum. Peace brothers and sisters.
  6. DylanBear

    Show Us Ur Vag Mondays.

    I'm just new on the forum and having trouble trying to post a photo, Do i have to have a certain number of posts before i can do this?
  7. DylanBear

    July 2019 Photo Of The Month Contest

    Very nice mate, Looks similar to a blackdog i done recently.
  8. DylanBear

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    Some lovely plants in this thread, I can only dream of growing outdoors like this in Scotland.