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    White Fire OG & X18

    Everything's at about 7-8weeks, couple more to go... First of The White Fire OG, or like i call them 'The Wire' :smiley_joint: The Wire Pheno A: The Wire Pheno B: The Wire Pheno C: The Wire Pheno D: And the X18, only got one pheno... Cheers everybody!
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    what should i get?

    Birthday coming up, and i need to help my girl with my present :cool Been thinking and came up with these (the present has to be non weed related!!) -Nikon D90, i already have a Nikon D40x, but the D90 has got live view and is more lens compatibel... Need to sell the D40x though... -Canon...
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    Stoner at work!

    Stupid me stoned out on the timer switch:joint: So my plants had an extra two weeks of growth... So that's 6 weeks from roots popping out (clones) I've got amnesia haze, which will grow on for an extra 4 weeks or so i'm told, and the og's are pretty known for their stretch... And i'm kinda...
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    Popped the question

    and she said "yes" :sun :inlove became time after 6 years together :cool
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    Situation in the netherlands and belgium

    Right now the police from the netherlands and belgium are joining forces to bust alot of grows in amsterdam, the south of the netherlands and the north of belgium... Just heard it on the news... Alot of shops in the border area (Roosendaal, Bergen Op Zoom) are gonna have to close, from...
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    Sativa trichs

    Could it be that those are a little bit smaller than indica trichs? Will i lose alot because i don't have the 25micron? cheers!
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    Hey hey heeey

    Hello everybody! some people may know me from icmag, got a few threads overthere.... But it's so crowdy at icmag, this place looks more cosy! Tomorrow i'm harvesting 1 casey jones and 3 sugaree's from h3ad seeds. Right now i'm flowering Bubba kush x G13 and Blueberry Indica x Blue Kronic...