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  1. Buzzer777

    Cannabis related jobs that you want!

    I'll take one like this..... In fact, I would come out of retirement for a deal like this one! LMAO
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    Nevada shuts down a testing Lab!

    At least they are trying!
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    Social Media and Your Financial Security

    PUBLIC SERVICE MSG! Hopefully this belongs here, but I hope that posting this will help people using SM for ANYTHING. The worst part is that in no way do I believe that she has divulged the more current hacks. 😨
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    Funniest almost bust EVER!

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    Candypens Oura - 1st Impressions

    This E-rig is concentrates only..NO flower, and I dab my own rosin exclusively (legal state) Picked up one of these bad boys and I must say that I am very impressed. First off, I am a very regular dabber and have a few glass rigs, e-nail, etc. They each do something different and all are very...
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    LED lighting companys that you like or dislike, and WHY.

    I will begin with my collection of SMD White lights. 1) HLG QB 288 V1 3000k- Great quality and the footprint is perfect for me. 2) Photon Sunboard. Good light, company appears to be out of business. Larger than the QB132, but still no heatsink needed. 3) HLG QB 132 - I own a few of these...
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    Another Oddball or sick?

    This is a Oni Papaya Cake x Crockett Strawberry Fields. There are 4 plants (my pollen chuck)..2 are PC leaning and 2 are SF leaning (from the leaves only). I have seen this type of Striation before, but never to this extent. Everything has been identical with all 4, and the strange one has the...
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    Please bring back GIF's So many missed opportunities..LOL
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    Feminizing seeds..CS or GA3?

    Last time I feminized some seeds, I used DIY CS..Results were good, but it was a PIA. I was checking GA3 and feminizing, but the information is sparse. I did see somewhere that GA3 can make hermie seeds as well as females.. Anyone??????????????????
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    Weather Alert! 12-14-18

    I said I would warn, but lost that thread, sooooo This one has high pretty winds already!!
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    Ever Seen Colas With No Visable Flowers, Just Pistils And Sparse Trichomes?

    This is a Somango from grown from feminized seed. It was bought from Oaseeds as one of their Bulk seeds. She is about 55 days in (the breeder's estimate) and I can't find any flowers..just a bunch of pistils and sugars....the only trichs I see are on sugar leaves..No smell...??? I think this...
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    Question About Changing Nute In Mid Flower (outdoor Plants)

    I have been a Canna Terra user for years, but wish to reduce my costs and will be switching to Greenleafnutrients Megacrop (Already did a test and am pleased with the results.. Is it possible to switch flowering base nutrients in mid flower without stressing the plants? I really don't want to...
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    Warning ....blades..kratom

    Just read about this, and thought I would post the warning (I don't like or take it myself). It could be a Gov't scam, or could be legit..anyway..decide for yourselves. (sorry about posting a link, but I had no other way to get out the msg)
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    Male/female Ratios

    Still trying to get my head around all of this. If I cross a Regular male with a female from a feminized seed.. Would the resulting seeds have a ratio of 75% female and 25% male, since the female plant has no male chromosomes ; or would the resulting seeds have the "normal" 50-50 mix? I am...
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    Seniors, Aging And Cannabis.

    Found this on Allbud.. Hope it helps us old farts out..(good stuff and short) I found that my own pain, insomnia, etc. are now a thing of the past..TG! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Ways Medical Cannabis Can Increase Quality of Life in...
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    Interesting Effects From Homemade Edibles

    I always have a homemade edible about 1.5 hrs before sleep (hadn't slept well in over 10 yrs). Store bought edibles did nothing..NOTHING but cost me $$ that is! My "sleeping pill" makes me sleep like a kid again..seriously! Couple that with a few hits of my homegrown and I am gone in 15...
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    Unitfarm Grow Tent Review..(no Affiliation)

    Recently purchased a 2x4x6 from UnitFarm..built just like their lights..A TANK! Here is my mini review..I am not affiliated with anyone either! Pros: Heavy duty cloth Looks like it should last quite a few yrs. 4 hanging poles instead of the usual three in a 2x4x6 Good quality Zippers Easy one...
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    Caring For A Male Plant?

    Spent a while searching here and all over the net..but damn..Is there a special way to care for a male plant that you want to get pollen from? Been feeding just like I care for a female, but I am curious. (breeding tent has its own Burple Meizhi 450 (195w true)(My normal veg lights) Also just...
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    Cities That Smokes More Weed Than Any Your City Listed Here?

    Found this on High Times..Interesting and worth a look..#1 was a surprise to me
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    Wasn't Sure Where To Put Purchasing On Amazon Tips Should Go?

    I found this for PC users (maybe mobile too). A Mozilla Firefox Addon just to find the Amazon best price..It's called Honey and is FREE. I always check prices 1st on Ebay etc, but this checks all prices, shipping etc against all AMAZON Listings . Great addon imo. Google it "firefox addon honey"...