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  1. Builtaforest

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    i personally think a lot of the 'old heads' were on one, but that kill has gotta be out there somewhere... most i've seen are subpar NL and SK outdoor varieties... Detroit Tremor, Pinconning Paralyzer, shit makes me lol just my opinion
  2. Builtaforest

    positive vibes your way show goes on bro :) all the best!

    positive vibes your way show goes on bro :) all the best!
  3. Builtaforest

    Rival79's So Cal Master Kush S1 test grow!

    hook it up with the pics
  4. Builtaforest

    Romulan Haze.

    hands down, you have the most attractive green on your girls all the time bro :)
  5. Builtaforest

    worth a shot?

    joehank, you are right that chloramine does not air out. my tap is the same + chloramine, i use mine straight, non-issue for me. what are you observing?
  6. Builtaforest

    For those that like to smoke and talk shit pull up a chair

    what has happened to the seed game?
  7. Builtaforest

    Cash for Gold....Is this the modern day gold seizure?

    those who you envision to be in "power" gain all of theirs due to the division of opinion and thought. there are gold bugs and those who say that they are crazy as well truth is, the "price" of gold is still set by the BAnk of been echoed... Roman/Brit/Alien/etc of another...
  8. Builtaforest

    What can I expect to gain by adding Co2?

    grow big dense buds without co2 first then add in co2 keep variables constant until your understand what your inputs constitute
  9. Builtaforest

    Dawg Daze Sage

    straight to the temples Jimmy! why are peeps still sleepin?
  10. Builtaforest

    Dawg Daze Sage

    left pheno
  11. Builtaforest

    Dawg Daze Sage

    what a terrible thread :confused: a pheno to take you to the clouds and another with side order of freight train to the body LOL both rock dense, sativa leaner to the left, balanced hybrid to the right, sagey incency. light citrusy, jollyrancherish right pheno
  12. Builtaforest

    Mi. Born And Bred Strains

    any word on D.T./Detroit Tremor? Outdoor NL-ish strain done by Oct. or earlier...
  13. Builtaforest

    Cleaning house...............

    Mota, Never had the opportunity to sample your work. You definitely had my attention at dogless. Got me CHEESIN like a female lol... Think you're going to be bringing tons of folks out of the woodwork for this one :D
  14. Builtaforest

    pro mix

    These are all in Promix BX, straight from the bag.
  15. Builtaforest

    Rival79's So Cal Master Kush S1 test grow!

    gonna be some nice bubba/kushy flavs RIVAL you must have a genie lamp they way you land these genetics lol
  16. Builtaforest

    Romulan Haze.

    mack my bro... you need to take a break from the lab :p keep delivering!
  17. Builtaforest

    Kush Inc. in Stoney Town!

    impressive hairs/trichs(?) rock it MST
  18. Builtaforest

    pro mix

    Run the promix like hydro, cut with perlite too, pick nutrient lineup, don't overwater while they are rooting... success.
  19. Builtaforest

    Daily humor thread!

    is that like tricking somebody to walk into traffic with blindfolds on?