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  1. rayi

    100x zoom are these eggs?

    I could be wrong but I think you are zoomed in so much you are seeing normal leaf structure
  2. rayi

    Spider mite curing ( hopefully )

    Make etables. That way you get some protein
  3. rayi


    The medicine you are talking about is a treatment for gout. Some patients are on it for years with no problems. Unless you are using a huge dose your ok. According to the website it does not get absorbed thru the skin.
  4. rayi

    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come and Win New TS or SP Grow Kit

    I want the sp250 because my current light is crap
  5. rayi

    I accidentally germinated two seeds in a single rapid rooter. How do I separate these girls?

    I would wait until one looks the best. I would then gently cut the worst one off. You will have one plant at least. If you try to separate and mess it up you have no plant.
  6. rayi

    I'm looking for good indica strains that are top quality and can finish In Michigan/ SW Ontario

    Black sugar rose is my go to in southern Michigan
  7. rayi

    i see people selling seeds on facebook

    Yeah the great part of Michigan is a outdoor grow has to have a cover. Law doesn't say with what so a cop makes the decision to cut your plants. If he's a ass your out all your hard work and money.
  8. rayi

    Making seeds question

    I'm not sure you need another light. I have put males in a south facing window and they mature.
  9. rayi

    Making seeds question

    If you pollinate a whole plant you will have a crap load of seeds. Look up how to collect pollen and hand pollinate 1 or 2 buds. I pull the male and grow it out as far as I can get from the grow room. When the pollen starts to drop I put a small paper sack over the male parts. After I have...
  10. rayi

    Hello from Michigan!

    It's Seed Celler
  11. rayi

    Hello from Michigan!

    Seed Celler in Jackson Michigan. Good selection. Not a bad price. I like walking in and walking out with seeds.
  12. rayi

    Vacuum pump

    Made the conversion to torr. Pumps are way to big
  13. rayi

    Vacuum pump

    I keep hearing people talk about vaccum pumps. I have two put pumps from my maple syrup business. I would have to check for sure about cubic feet but both pull down to 21mm. Would these work with a vaccum chamber
  14. rayi

    Foxfarm beans

    Pretty neat. Looks like someone planted them when you weren't looking
  15. rayi

    soaking flower before making a tincture

    I've heard of soaking cured bud in water for 24 hours. Dry then decarb
  16. rayi

    First the fan, now the filter.

    If your going to hook fa. Directly to the filter ho to memards. Go to the plumbing section. You will find a thick rubber boot same diameter as your and filter. They have wide clamps on the ends. Makes instillation easy and reduces vibration I think it makes things quiet and last longer. Not my...
  17. rayi

    Seed Cellar is great

    Tired of clones or tired of the strains of weed
  18. rayi

    Seed Cellar is great

    Not sure if they have a different menu in person but they do have some spare seeds to give away. If in doubt call to make sure if they have what you want
  19. rayi

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Got old blood off the wall. Did it work on the carpet and furniture and ceiling. Just asking for a friend.