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    Attention!! All San diegan's. And Cali residents.

    Doesn't look good for storefronts in SD.
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    BlackBerry Kush

    Looks sick!
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    i dont care what anyone says 24 hour veg is HORRIBLE, tell me why u think different

    24 hr veg def works for me. 10 years plus of exp.
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    Jack Herer

    That's the best looking Jack I've seen in a while.
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    Super Lemon Haze 8 weeks

    Wow! Master Grower!
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    New Co-op- Fallbrook Ca!!!!!!!!

    Bossman the delivery place is called swamis collective. its going for a pretty reasonable price because it has seeds. I want some! Let me know how it works out for you.
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    when does the outdoor season start in

    Mine are budding right now. WTF? They're clones too so that may be the reason.
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    biggest yielding plants ever

    Blueberry always consistent.
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    Vietnam Black Grow

    Viet Black = panic attack weed! lol
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    New Co-op- Fallbrook Ca!!!!!!!!

    There's a dispensary in North County which claims to have Fallbrook red hair on their menu. I'm going to check it out.
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    what strains are mexican brickweed?

    WTF? Assholes are everywhere and in every community. Even in ours. You just proved that you dope!