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  1. SinCity

    Old Dog Learning New Tricks: First Time Growing From Seed!

    Hello kind people! Returning to my roots (pun of course intended) :) Been pursuing other avenues for a long time but i'm psyched to finally come back home to the actual growing. Rusty but ready! And it's my first time from seed! Any and all help, advice, anything is very much appreciated.
  2. SinCity

    2018 Emerald Cup: Psyched To See Who Is Entering What!

    Fun fun fun and yum yum yum!
  3. SinCity

    I Just Want All Californians To Know There Are Ways To Adapt....don't Panic.

    If I can help anyone understand the laws at state, county, and local levels, please let me know. I'm a law and policy geek. Grateful for all of you....
  4. SinCity

    Ok Boys, I Need You Badly, But Please Be Gentle...entering A Whole New Zone For Me.

    OK boys, I need you badly, but please be gentle...i'm entering a whole new zone for me. Seeking guides...I've never grown from seed before.
  5. SinCity

    Congratulations Phylos Bioscience!

    An existing strain can not be patented...