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  1. kushluvr

    "Black Hawk Down" Exotic Genetics: Test Grow/Journal

    hey farmers first i wanted to thank Ex for this opportunity to do this test for him! im excited! today is Oct 17.... i received my beans in the mail yesterday and i dropped in the towels today! Black hawk Down= Blackwater X Flight (Starfighter X Flav) ill be growing these in my soil...
  2. kushluvr

    California Warehouse growing questions?

    Hi farmers.... ive just about secured a spot in so cal in a commercial warehouse.... other than my prescription, what permits should i need? are there any to acquire? do i need to get anything from the city? i know i need a business license, but is there any other permits that will ease up...
  3. kushluvr

    12 Plants in a 8gal Airpot.....

    OK...for all the haters and none believers.............. when you need to pheno hunt........this is how its done fast.............. what makes this possible is 100% organic soil and proper training!! 12 an 8 gal airpot 65% filled with super soil mix on the bottom and the rest...
  4. kushluvr

    Organic Dank Show.....

    multiple plants per pot.....i use my own made super soil....i feed water n molasses for 17 weeks!!! Biker OG.. White S1, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Chem Valley Kush, and more to come!! week 4 starts tomorrow! thanks for lookin and enjoy!
  5. kushluvr

    OGRaskal-White S1....

    ohh and a pre98 bubba..clone only cut from Humboldt!! the first 5 are the white and the rest are the bubba! i only feed water and molasses through flower! these are week 3! thx for looking! kush
  6. kushluvr


    its on at 10 here but may be diff in your area!!! watch it and reply what you thought here please, i would love to read you opinions! thanks kush:bong-hits::passingjoint::passingjoint::passingjoint:
  7. kushluvr

    Raskal Wifi Og & White S1 Question!

    hey all... what are the flower times for these 2? i always take my meds an extra week so..i would love this info!! thanks kush
  8. kushluvr

    Using Clearex with flood n drain tables?

    How would you guys use it for this application? and what ml/gal? also....... is it best to change the rez lights on(feeding) or off(not feeding)! Tanks.... Kush
  9. kushluvr

    God's Gift Clones in Washington(Seattle)??????????

    I am looking for Gods Gift clones in the Seattle/Tacoma area??????????????? SHIT................anywhere in WA...... I will donate $$$.........I will drive...........I want this stain baaaad!!!!!! The true GG......(pure)OG Kush x (ken's cut) GDP=grand daddy purps====The best shit I have...
  10. kushluvr

    Light reflector plug issue!!!!!!!!!

    Is it okay to switch the plugs on your reflectors to match the ballast socket?
  11. kushluvr

    Kushluvr's Loves his OG KUSH @ day 37 of Flower!!!!

    Kushluvr Loves his OG KUSH @ day 37 of Flower!!!! Just wanted to post a few pics of my latest grow! PURE....OG KUSH 1000w hps flood n drain tables FLoranova bloom hammerhead MOAB Feel free to ask any questions???????????????????
  12. kushluvr

    Does anyone use the Sure to Grow Blocks??????

    Anyone here try those or use them now? WDYT???? + or - !!!!!!!!!!!!! KUSH
  13. kushluvr

    A question about hermie-ing!

    If there's a couple mixed in that are starting to hermie, will it make the rest hermie? Or can you finish it out for the fem seeds? KUSH
  14. kushluvr

    Drooping towards then end of light cycle???????

    Hey Everyone, I can't figure this one out, so I came to the pro's! OG KUSH..... 2 weeks old Ebb n Flo flood table off 3 hours/ on 6 min/ per 24hr hydroton, mesh pots, 1.5 strtr cubes Floranova Bloom(lucas formula), hygrozyme, cal-mag.....ppm 800 ph 5.6 1000w with cool tube and...
  15. kushluvr

    Congratulations paulycali!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations PAULYCALI...she got a picture of here purple bubba og kush in the pic of the crop section in April 2011 HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job and keep up the great work! KUSH
  16. kushluvr

    Floranova bloom/cal-mag recipes for OG KUSH Please!

    I would like to know what recipes anyone here is using with these nutes on OG!
  17. kushluvr

    C.A.P. Gro Pots in Ebb n Flow?

    C.A.P. Gro Pots in Ebb n Flow Tables? Just curious....... has anyone tried this? Thanks KUSH
  18. kushluvr

    Hammerhead/MOAB Questions???????

    I want to use this combo but I have a few question first??? Who here uses this? Whats your growing style? Whats your medium? Whats ratio of HH/MOAB per gal do you use? How often do you use them together or separate? What other nutes are you using in conjunction to these...
  19. kushluvr

    60/40 Coco/Sunshine#2 Question?????????

    Has anyone ever done this or have any experience with combo????????? Does anyone here just run plain coco in 5gal buckets?????????? Positive or negative feed back is welcome................. Thanks KUSH
  20. kushluvr

    My First Journal! RDWC-Sharksbreath

    Hello Everyone, I have posted a few times here and i thought I'd start my first journal! Here's what I got going..................... DNA-Sharkbreath(4) 4x4 TENT RDWC 1000w hps air cooled 475 cfm inline fan (6" ducting) 14" charcoal filter 18" box fan (I switched to the box fan...