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    Inline Carbon Filter For Closed Loop Extractors?

    I see one of the higher end Tamisium models has an inline filter you fill with carbon. the material passes through this filter prior to entering the recovery tank. If i could put something like this inline after a true stage 1 dewax it seems like it would skip the need for a carrier...
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    Electricians Around? Are These Start/run Capacitors Compatible?

    Central air went out and with it being memorial day I can't get parts. are these two capacitors compatible? What damage would it potentially cause if i tried to swap my central airs capacitor with this one?
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    Expected Recovery Time In Bvv Passive Apollo 1lb Closed Loop?

    The only stage I don't have a firm understanding of is how long I should expect the recovery of solvent to be. I understand temps play a factor so let's say this: 1. how long should I expect the recovery to take on 6lb of N-Butane using ice water and warm water? 2. how long should I expect the...