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    Quality/ color of trim

    That will pull gold if you run cold and fast.
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    Help Me With Closed Loop

    you want cold butane, colder material and even colder recovery. you need a temp difference from the solvent tank and the material column. then you need a temp difference from the material column to the recovery pot to get the butane to move on it's own. you can put your butane (i'd use 5-6lbs...
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    2 8inch Raptor Reflectors 4x8 Tent

    I'd zip tie that wood in place just so it could never slip out of place. The best way would be to drill a hole through the wood and run the zip tie through the hole then around the pole so there is no way the wood could ever slide in a way to fall off the metal poles.
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    2 8inch Raptor Reflectors 4x8 Tent

    get creative if you have to hang a 2 x 4 to the available mounting locations and then install hooks where needed so you can properly vent your tent. without a picture of your vent locations and mounting locations, nobody can help you with precision.
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    Best Hydro Set Up For Experienced Grower But New To Hydro?

    in my experience, the simplest most effective method is dtw coco. you got to deal with the gnats but that's the only downside. once automated for feeding it's so simple you look for things to do in your room because you feel like you are neglecting it.
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    Need Advice Dtw

    The idea of DTW is you are resetting the NPK and ph with every watering. Your runoff should stay pretty close to your res in EC and PH and if it's not up the frequency of watering and it will correct it'self. I don't even check my runoff anymore tbh I just water every two hours once the plants...
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    Need Advice Dtw

    I run 1/2" pvc from my res to a big rectangle manifold on my table. where the big rectangle manifold meets the pipe coming from the res i install a ball valve. i use NO drippers on the end of my lines. i drill holes into my manifold and just pressure fit the dripper lines to the manifold (no...
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    Is This Normal?

    yank em. what's the source of your dirt? you only planted one seed I assume?
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    Built My First Cloner

    damn it's some haters in here. cloner looks good the foil is unnecessary unless you did a shit job cutting holes and will have major light leaks. I have always added 200ppm of 'bloom' of any kind in my water for aero cloners it's supposed to help. if I recall I think it's the k that you're after.
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    How To Clone?

    yes cuttings in dirt can root, cuttings sitting in a cup of water can root. the effectiveness compared to using a medium designed for rooting and hormones to promote rooting is drastically lower in rooting time and success rate. if you have no other options go for it. take 2x as many clones as...
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    Smart Pots Or Air Pots

    When researching this a few years ago I found that the guy who designed airports also created the smartpot. The airpot is the version he created after the smartpot to address some of the issues with the smart pot (drainage, bottoms always stay wet etc). I'd go with airpots it was my intent at...
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    Want To Make Bho With 220 Micron Dry Ice Hash.

    keif is different to run. lots of pros will use things like a vibrator or metal balls in the material column and magnets outsiude the column in a closed loop to really stir shit up during the soak when running keif. do you have a vac oven?
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    i feel like puking all over this screen. WTF is up with "femenized seeds"

    I feel bad for non-med state growers. I avoid seeds for my flower room and only grow clones from genetics I've worked through myself to know how they will grow reputable sources who have already dealt with that problem. if I were you I would NOT trash the grow I'd just do full plant live resin...
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    Rastafaska's Grow Room

    titles in one language and body is in another. Us English speaking people are clicking because we can read the title then leaving because we can't read the body and your native people are not clicking because the title makes them assume the whole thread is in English lol. Well idk what this says...
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    Drain To Waste In Coco Coir In Conjuction With A Scrog.

    the easiest way in your setup to dop top feed is to just buy a ebb and flow table, build or buy a traditional stand for your tray, buy two low profile res (that way you dont eat up too much of your height with the table) and use one to feed from and one for wastewater. the tables are designed...
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    Arduino Project Ideas! What'chya Got?

    temp notification humidity notification lighting notification water spillage notification and auto shutoff automate watering automate nutrient dosing into nutrient res i know all this can be done i've been on the fence about doing this system or just getting something like a vera plus that's a...
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    Multiple Problems In Coco (first Time Growing)

    the designer of the smartpot redesigned it as the 'airpot' because of the stagnant water sitting in the bottom of the fabric pots. the airpot has a base that looks like your stands but they are made of a egg crate looking plastic that routes the roots for pruning to holes and has a raised bottom...
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    Multiple Problems In Coco (first Time Growing)

    This will be cheap, simple and fix your problems and you will be thanking me, trust me. Just use the micro at 6ml/gal and the bloom at 9ml/gal from GH and use any cal/mag at HALF the strength recommended on the bottle and you will see your plant do a 180 and all your problems will go away. a...
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    Agitation Adding Recovery

    shaking forces more gas to be in contact with the cold liquid and the tank walls. contact with the cold is what causes the gas to convert to a liquid. converting more of the gas in the tank to liquid will reduce pressure.
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    Extraction Guides For Vape/e-juice Thc Conc?

    how many carts are you pg guys making at once? How long does the cart last before it's empty? It's not that you can't temporarily suspend wax in pg it's just that it has a short shelf life it will separate fast