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  1. Nick007

    Veg to Flower...

    Greetings. I’m a total nube when it comes to growing. Learning fast.... kinda.... as fast as plants grow..... Stunted plants anyways, that’s my issue I don’t know when I should change the light schedule. They’re on day 51 and I’ve experimented with different training techniques. In doing so I...
  2. Nick007

    Liquid Seaweed

    In need of some knowledge. I purchased a bottle of maxicrop liq seaweed about three days ago. I popped it open put a few teaspoons in with my last watering and I was just about to water when I noticed the bottle was puffed up crazy. Almost doubled in size. Is it safe to use this still? The small...
  3. Nick007

    Looking for the Girls

    I have a jewelers loop and a 1000x usb scope. These plant aren’t showing me anything. I can see only the smallest of dots with the 1000x. I’ll post a pic of what I’m talking about. Thank you for commenting. Images to come And they are photos.
  4. Nick007

    Looking for the Girls

    I’m a novice grower. In fact This is my first grow. Im using FFOF soil and nutes. With 1200w king led and 300w (old)MarzHydro. I’m not sure if I stressed these hopefully!! girls out when I started them under CFLs. I believe I was watering just a bit to much. Then when moving them to the LED’s. I...
  5. Nick007

    Mixing nutrients

    Don’t know if this is the right page to post on but I’ll give it a shot. I’m using maxi crop liquid seaweed after the first time I use the product I noticed the bottle was puffed up. Does that mean it’s expired/bad to use? The shop I bought it from said it does that “sometimes”. I see nothing...
  6. Nick007

    Best Light to purchase for one plant organic soil grow

    I have a 1200w king led and a 300w marshydro old style. The king rated the best bang for the buck. You can find one for around 120 on Amazon with rando coupon code. Depending on how big you want to grow your one plant. Good luck let me know what you get/got and how it works out!!
  7. Nick007

    Bag seed

    Did you ever find a testing lab? I’m in the same situation. Hah. About 15-18 times over lol. I found a lab to sex test but nothing more. You find anything?