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  1. Kate Pearson

    Nitrogen poisoning

    Good morning 😀 I've overfed Charlotte and her leaves have gone a very dark green. Having googled, I've concluded that I've fed her too much Miracle Grow or tomato feed and has nitrogen poisoning. She lives in my greenhouse and is either an Auto #1 or an AK Advanced Female (got my seeds muddled...
  2. Kate Pearson

    Best Time to Plant

    Good evening. I have dwarf auto flowering seeds and I would appreciate advice on when is the best time to plant them. I'm not growing them under lights - they will be in pots in my greenhouse or, if it's a very hot summer, in pots in the garden. They flower between 60-75 weeks according to...
  3. Kate Pearson

    First time grower.

    Good morning everyone. 👍 I grew weed in my greenhouse for the first time this summer. My biggest problem has been running out of time. I planted 5 seeds at beginning of May. All germinated in 6 days. Plants grew well although very tall, however, flowering took it's time, beginning around...
  4. Kate Pearson

    First time greenhouse grower

    Hi. I'm 58 and a long time on/off smoker of hash who, this year, having finally got fed up with unreliable supply contacts, decided to switch to weed and grow my own. However..... I have found it to be trickier than I thought it would be and have run into various issues. I would normally...