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    First grow, so happy with this beauty

    Just wanted to share my first ever girl! critical purple, dwc, 12 weeks
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    Early Bloom, small buds HELP!

    I have two critical purple autoflowers that are on day 75 of their grow. They started blooming super early on and never really had many fan leaves. The pistils are about 90% orange and curled in, the trichomes are getting milky, but the buds are pretty tiny compared to a 3rd plant i have...
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    First time grower getting ready for first harvest - When do I harvest?

    Hi All, First time grower here with Critical Purple in a DWC setup. I am at week 12 of the grow and was wondering if anyone had any pointers on what indicators to look for that will suggest its time to harvest. I have a microscope and the trichomes are still looking pretty clear but the...
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    Changing Light Schedule from 24hr to 20/4

    First time grower here looking for some advice on switching up my lighting schedule. Grow summary is as below: - Running Critical Purple autoflowers - DWC hydro system - LEDs - Botanicare nutes I have been running these for the first 3.5 weeks on a 24 hour light schedule. I live in Las Vegas...
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    Leaf septoria showing up on young plant...HELP!!!

    Hey all, first time grower here and I am running into an early issue 1.5 weeks in. First set of leaves is showing signs of septoria (at least i think this is the issue) and was wondering what I should do to correct this? As mentioned, the issue is showing up on the FIRST set of leaves...
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    When to add nutrients and lights to seedlings

    New grower here about to embark on my first hydro grow in DWC. I am using Botanicare Pro Bloom, Grow, Hydroguard, CalMag and Silica Blast. I had a few questions regarding post-germination: - When should I add nutrients to my reservoirs? - How much nutrients should I add at the seedling...
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    Regulating temp in grow room

    Hey all - looking for tips on best way to regulate the temp in my grow room. I turned a storage closet in my garage into my grow room (pic attached pre grow). I am in Las Vegas so it get hot as fakkk (temp in the room is hovering in mid to upper 80s when it is about 100 outside). I am running...
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    First DWC grow using RO

    Hey all - looking for some tips on nute feed sheets for my first DWC grow in RO. Using auto flowers, four 5 gallon res, Botanicare Grow, Bloom and CalMag. Just looking for tips on a per week breakdown of how much of each nute I should be adding as well as a good target PPM and pH. Also...