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    holiday...need help

    Wassup farmers...more of a question for the U.S goin on holiday to Aruba next week and just wanted to know is there any decent grade out there or anyone got any links withsome nice grade around there?? Safe peepz...:rauch08:
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    Accidental pollination

    Hi Farmers I want to start to pollinate my entire garden and was wondering how much bud would i lose if i did a open pollination. Would i get half or less assuming alot of pollen is released.? I know this cant be accurate depending on amount of seed etc,.. but has anyone got a rough idea...
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    Anyone in Dam this thursday

    ANyone floating round the dam for lunch and a blaze? might pop into greenplace.... :P pece
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    How to keep your rvk fans quiet

    Hi all ok this is my good deed for the day. I learnt this method the other month and thought id share it with you farmers. ! I have to say firstly 1. Do not do anything u dont feel comfortable with i do not warrant this. 2. The insultaion in the fan could be considered a hazard but i...
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    polllinating female at 8 weeks.

    Hi all i put a male i had into my veg room at 8 weeks hoping to collect some pollen and cut down other flowering plants. Basicailly one of my amensia females are producing seed. it is at 10 1/2 weeks with what looks like half developed seeds. I have decided to cut the buds which look the...
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    Anyone heard of abnormal or dd seeds

    hi all ?I got gifted a few packs of seeds and was wondering if anyone could shed some lite or info. abnoarmal uv-3 says prhino x bur i think. endless sky f3 by stjansi dd seeds degz blueberry x og kush napalm - lemon balm x black widow are all of these amatuer seeds ? or is...
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    wassup thc farmers, need a bit oh help please...has anyone used or using a nutrient called B.A.C. my local growshop recommended it and wud like some info on it if anyone can help. diesel...:unsure::huh:
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    bud box

    has any one used or still useing a bud box am thinking about geting one just need a little info on them if any one can help . thanx diesel:unsure:
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    hawaiin haze seeds

    Does anyone know where u can purchase the seeds of the hawaiin haze which is sold in abraxas...abraxas dont sell them and they couldn't even tell me where 2 get them from so if anyone can help me out that wud be great. diesel:unsure:
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    whats the best/

    hi peps am going start growing soon i just wanted know what is the best form of growing e.g organic.coco or hrdro. am looking for more of a great smoke then yield. so if any one can help it will great. speak to u soon diesel:cool:
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    new comer

    just wanted to hi to all on the site. i got fed up with all the grit so am trying to grow for myself so any tips and hints will be great thanx chat to soon. diesel:cool: