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    2019 harvest: about 7.5 pounds!

    if i can get relative humidity into low 60’s in the room i’m curing in (which has a dehumidifier and so this is already working), then i’ll drop in a boveda a few weeks into burping and store in a cool dark place and they should be good for years (will check often regardless)
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    2019 harvest: about 7.5 pounds!

    i got about 15 ounces from the bubba - had to take a week early because of bud rot, suspect that i lost at least a few ounces to rot if i had to guess
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    Trim day. 2nd grow. *video*

    yeah, i only wet trim - also started loose trimming, meaning that i don’t shave as tight but try to leave on scattered sugar leaves (not a lot, but enough to add some more trich volume)
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    2019 harvest: about 7.5 pounds!

    wow, crazy success this year - lots of high stress training and defoliation along with bottom canopy removal and later on spraying diluted milk - resulted in minimal bud rot and zero powdery mildew (thanks milk!) result is 76 mason jars, all 32 ounce jars mostly filled Critical: got...
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    Hello im a long time photoperiod and autoflower grower with 22 years of growing experience.

    ditto - growing outdoors only, just harvested about six pounds but also tried a few tiny autos this year. my chronic full photoperiod put off almost two pounds (lots of HST helped) - and all three autos combined threw off like two ounces! they’re fun because they’re fast, but an awful lot of...
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    Ready to harvest?

    they look good - might want to give it a bit longer to brown those pistils- old expression, “if you think they’re done, then wait another week” - in that case, you’ll be within a week of peak harvest and should be good to go...just harvested two that looked quite similar with a bit more visible...
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    Growers, do you ever buy weed?

    some great answers here! harvesting plant 4 today (chronic), doing the jack herer last - already over 3.5 pounds dried/curing and expect about 6 pounds total...can’t imagine paying for it. for me, part of it is k owing exactly how it was grown (all organic feed and loamy soil). have friends and...
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    Growers, do you ever buy weed?

    can’t personally imagine paying for it beyond my own grow expenses - any of you skilled growers ever buy pot anymore?
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    Anyone looking at what looks like an earlier then usual harvest this year?

    i’m in boston and took down a great shiksaberry last week - it was done, yielded 21.5 ounces and felt about two weeks early...also pulled a bubba kush that was both early and facing bud rot, could have used another week but was still feeling fast...others are still out there for at least a week...
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    Opinions on my plant

    based on that roofline next to the plant, looks like it would be easy to set up some 2x4 stilts and put a big tarp out and over the plant. might be worth doing so that you don’t feel like you’re smoking hemp!
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    Ready to harvest???

    if you think that the top giant colas look ready, then take them off and leave the rest of the plant for another couple of weeks. bud rot really likes the biggest, best colas up top! it also gives more time and sun exposure for smaller interior bud section. in a worst case, you’ll just need to...
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    Defoliation Side By Side - Bushy Plants

    i’ve read a lot about defoliation for general gardening, and it makes sense for pot - i typically leave fan leaves on the outside and around the top the longest, then yank them before last few weeks of flowering - appears to not have any negative consequences in my climate. the shock seems to...
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    Jack Herer outdoor, ready to harvest?

    i've done quite a few grows, this is the first year that i bought a jewelers loupe - tbh, it was easier to harvest without one by examining plants, feels like microscopic detail is just distracting! so, given that, feels like another week ;)
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    Jack Herer outdoor, ready to harvest?

    thanks - been feeling like that myself. when i fixate on trichomes, it's misleading - based on leaves, it feels a bit early, though buds feel dense and aromatic....
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    Defoliation Side By Side - Bushy Plants

    i’m a huge fan of defoliation, here’s a pic of my first jack herer growing outdoors - just about done and should throw off 16-18 ounces...almost no bud rot, great air flow. did a few leaf removals - one in forst week of flowering, another a few weeks later, and a tiny bit along the way
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    Jack Herer outdoor, ready to harvest?

    hope this is the right forum for this! first time growing a jack herer from seed, lots of work pruning, high stress training, looks like it will give about 16-18 ounces. question is if it looks ready to harvest, it’s been around 8 weeks flowering, maybe more, can’t remember. i’m also in MA so...