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  1. Terpz719

    Help! Mars Hydro TS 3000

    They don't look bad to me from what I can tell. At that stage of growth, I run a SP-250 around 24-28", which should be close to your ts-3000 at 50%, that's why I was doubting the light was the problem. Don't know... Like you said give them a couple of days. Good luck.
  2. Terpz719

    Mag deficiency?

    I'd say yes cause for concern. I haven't done any DWC yet, but you said EC 1900. Not sure what scale you're working with, but regardless that seems way too strong for babies.
  3. Terpz719

    Help! Mars Hydro TS 3000

    What makes you think it's the light? I don't have a TS-3000, but at 50% and 30" I wouldn't think it's the light. What else are you doing - medium, watering, etc? Did you do everything the same way with all your attempts?
  4. Terpz719

    Feeding in coco help please

    Yes. In coco, don't use the weight of the pot as a guide. That's more of a soil thing, to my way of thinking. I'd say 5l run off is way more than needed. I'd think 2l would be plenty. That depends to a degree on how many times a day you feed. My experience has been that it takes a while to...
  5. Terpz719

    How do breeders get started?

    Looking forward to your offerings! I support CO breeders and seed sellers as much as possible.
  6. Terpz719

    A grow diary.

    I just popped a few Bodhi's Lemon Hashplant v2 (Lemon G x 88G13HP) about a week ago. I'll post some pics later if I get any females.
  7. Terpz719

    smell proof greenhouse

    LMAO. You must be looking in the mirror.
  8. Terpz719

    What Is The Top Three Strongest Strains You Ever Smoked?

    Like most things it's relative. Depends on how the plant was grown, etc. Beyond that, I found this interesting.
  9. Terpz719

    Happy Merica Day

    More like since 1963. I'm referring to the the take over by the military-industrial-intelligence complex, not the fucked up stuff like segregation etc.
  10. Terpz719

    How many main tops/colas

    Well, maybe it just comes down to semantics, but to my way of thinking you won't have a main cola. For me the main cola is the top of the main stem of an untopped plant. It looks like you'll have a number of colas. It's hard to see from the pics, but the top of each branch will form a cola...
  11. Terpz719

    Buffering coco using organic dry amendments

    Roots Cal-Mag is derived from gypsum and kieserite. I don't know why that would be a problem since you plan on using gypsum anyway. Kieserite is basically Epsom salt. Please double check, but I think typically when folks buffer coco they mix the solution to 1000 ppm. Seems like you could do...
  12. Terpz719

    Which LED's to buy

    Yep. That's what I was thinking.
  13. Terpz719

    Which LED's to buy

    Agreed. They do well overall.
  14. Terpz719

    Which LED's to buy

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Sometimes notifications get buried when other threads blow up, and I miss them. I think they rate them as 3500K.
  15. Terpz719

    Unknown High Grade Strain

    I think it comes down to amount and would be somewhat random. I'd guess that the odd nanner or two would produce MUCH less pollen than full on male flowers, but who is to say of some of the pollen might not blow over to another plant. Oh I forgot to mention, based on what I've read here and...
  16. Terpz719

    Which LED's to buy

    I'm not a big fan of them either, though my current lights (SP-250) use them. I'm happy with them as my first lights, though overall I think the spectrum has a little too much blue for them to really excel as a flowering light.
  17. Terpz719

    Bodhi Tester Golden Triangle/88G13HP, plus Silver Mountain, Larry Lotus and Smart Move (Genius Thai x OMG)

    Hangs head in shame... Guilty, though when I end up with something special I will talk about it.
  18. Terpz719

    Unknown High Grade Strain

    By producing pollen. It's not unusual to see a female plant push one or two out late in flower. I don't stress over them, and it's not the same as a plant going full herm. If you see one just pluck it off, and let her finish.
  19. Terpz719

    Which LED's to buy

    OMG, OMG, OMG, but, but, but, but they're NOT Samsung!!! Heresy Aquaman. For shame... I'm just clowning. My plants are dumb as, well, dirt. They don't know where the light is coming from.