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  1. Growing_Garbage

    Temp. low 55 degrees.

    End of season or beginning? In spring I'll keep em in pots and bring em in until its a bit warmer, like staying in the 60's, until I transplant into the ground. I mean they'll def take 55 I just selfishly want to keep em growing fast as possible in spring to get them big. For fall I hope for...
  2. Growing_Garbage

    If its not Organic! 100% its just any other drug

    I'll says nutes if its spelled newts in my head haha
  3. Growing_Garbage

    Please assist me? Ugh

    Hey I get it, I grow in a dirt floor basement that is muddy and dank right now in spring, and will be 20% humidity in summer. Some flexi duct and a booster fan from the house into the tent push in the cheap conditioned air of the building, instead of the air down there. Tents as consistent as...
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    If its not Organic! 100% its just any other drug

    I'm over here mixing organic and "regular" bottled ferts, plus adding molasses to my 50 gal res's running flood and drain tables... And using sterile coco, but sometimes I throw compost on top before a heavy hand watering, or into the hole at transplant. Oh man better choose a side haha. but...
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    My dank smells sour

    just chiming in from a dry climate in case your there too. I hang dry only like 4 days only, (35-40% humidity is all I can get it up too) about when the leaves are crisp but not snapping stems yet. Then trimmed into buds and put into the really big mason jars with the lids off. By this time, 5-6...
  6. Growing_Garbage

    Anyone successfully grow organically outdoors without Neem?

    Been ok without neem, and also had some get pretty chewed up. I like to put a few outside to grow wild in the summer and don't even feed em. If you stay on top of it you can do it. Not sure where you are humidity wise but I can usually spray off the plants from the underside a few times a week...
  7. Growing_Garbage

    Manganese deficiency? Phosphorus? Mites? Fungus? I'm desperate!

    Nice to see some new growth coming in there! keep it up. Don't worry about the dead leaves, you'll have plenty more soon and can just pick those if you don't want to look at em.
  8. Growing_Garbage

    Manganese deficiency? Phosphorus? Mites? Fungus? I'm desperate!

    and make sure the pots don't sit on like a concrete pad, you want to keep it up off the ground on a piece of wood or foam if you're not already. Concrete really sucks the heat out.
  9. Growing_Garbage

    Manganese deficiency? Phosphorus? Mites? Fungus? I'm desperate!

    they're back outside and its cold, well we have the answer. You know temperature also effects what the roots can uptake. Your going to lockout that phosphorus and then you've added more that it can't use. It gets the nutes all outta wack feeding when its cold, they'll take up a bunch of some...
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    Manganese deficiency? Phosphorus? Mites? Fungus? I'm desperate!

    Those white dots, are they larva that you can see move, or are they bite scars from under the leaves? figured that was the thrips you spoke of. How are those temps though? and no i wouldn't reuse the water? just rinse it till water comes out quite a bit, then once more with food in the water...
  11. Growing_Garbage

    A friend is telling me this is bad

    Good for the gram, bad for the plant. But you must be on your watering cause you kept em pearly white. I don't use air pots but do use fabric pots, with small more frequent waterings. Coco has tons of potential the more you can water it. I still use plastic until final transplant for flower though.
  12. Growing_Garbage

    Manganese deficiency? Phosphorus? Mites? Fungus? I'm desperate!

    I really don't think you have mites though so thats good. Had plenty of kinds of those. Good advice from mancorn though get some neem, and get in the habit of using neem regularly up till flower and it'll keep ya safe.
  13. Growing_Garbage

    Manganese deficiency? Phosphorus? Mites? Fungus? I'm desperate!

    that is some type of root issue. Could be simple damage like a transplant ripped a main root, or the roots are too cold/rotting, or phosphorus deficiencies. That burned center of the leaf turning black is the indicator here of major phosphorus lock out, or root damage can show like that too. I...
  14. Growing_Garbage

    Harvest and powdery mildew

    eh depends, hopefully only a couple spots on a few leaves.. it'll fuck up your drying curing etc if you let it go. I know its a hot topic but but rinsing at harvest with water and hydrogen peroxide is really useful for stopping PM before hanging it up to dry.
  15. Growing_Garbage

    Bubble Hash

    I'm in a pretty dry area but I have let like half of the harvest stay hanging for an extra week and gone straight to bubble bags. It really needs to be pretty dried and flaky, then throw it in the freezer overnight before you grind/crumble into the bubble bag. You do get way more hash cakes...
  16. Growing_Garbage

    Please assist me? Ugh

    Do you really need a dehumidifier? You can always try using your home air, its conditioned ya know, and use the exhaust to pull that through your tent/space out then outside. Just can't have they're humidity circulating, as long as you can vent to outdoors growing in a conditioned house...
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    Weed, Pot Pourri or another???

    I mean its weed, but did you say he sprayed it with air freshener? Don't smoke febreeze yo
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    Please assist me? Ugh

    Was just looking at those photos of leaf damage and if someone hasn't chimed in I wouldn't say that damage is from the gnats or soil conditions. That looks like physical damage from topping or moving it around and getting pinched or something. Thats damage when the leaf was small and grew out...
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    What’s the story....

    Oh man I love big diesel playing with bubbles. I got my whole setup to start up from the garbage. Just used stuff from a grow on the curb, gotta love Colorado. Added some scrap wood from the garage been growing since. Got lucky with my first plants were from a med grow that had to throw out...
  20. Growing_Garbage

    Beginner's Space Tote Diary

    Nice, they take quite a bit and bounce back, its always a learning experience. So for the clone it would just need like 18+hours of light, not sure what your running in the tote. And 68 is not too cold so no worries there. I don't know that a plain cup of water will do it but worth a try.