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  1. Backwoods69

    Not sure what this is :/

    Seems to be the only one doing this. I recently let the 5gal smart pots dry out a little extra because i started getting fungus gnats. But this one plant has some issues, any ideas? Ive been feeding compost tea once a week with liquid seaweed, urb microbials and a little bit of fish hydrosolate.
  2. Backwoods69

    Lst and trellis? O.o

    Quick question. Ive started tyeing my plants over to promote more tops and wider plant (first timer). So far it seema to be working. I do plant on using a trellis net to attempt to really fill my tent out using scrog. My question is; am i wasting my time with lst right now when I plan on using...
  3. Backwoods69

    Think im gonna lose em :(

    Seems like no matter what I do theae seedlings just get worse and worse. Keep temps 69-79 and humidity around 50% ish. Been ph'ing 6.0-6.5.. Thought I was overwatering but they just kept getting worse while I was waiting for the soil to dry. So i watered them a little and they are even worse
  4. Backwoods69

    Adding light in flower?

    Hey guys. Right now the plants are under 2 electric sky es300s in a 5x5. I have a mars hydro sp-250 in the center between the es300s. The sp-250 is off because im waiting till some point in flower phase to turn it on. Should be about 800watts total. My question is when should i introduce this...
  5. Backwoods69

    Need diagnosis help :/

    I have these seedlings about 3 weeks old, and thet dont seem 2 be doing so hot. The soil drains like crap even after i added perlite but obviously didnt add enough. It was the local grow shops homeade super soil. Anyways they are under 2 es300s on about 60-70% intensity. Temps range 69-79°...