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  1. the rrock


    SM are on the underside of leaves,never seen them on got it bad,break out the floramite and avid,neem will just piss em off
  2. the rrock

    Fungus Gnats or Root Aphids? (poll)

    ive had RA,fungus gnats would be preferable, the RA were killing plant from bottom up. I used merit75 and it did the job.Still in veg cycle,wouldnt use on plants anywhere near flowering.. Do the fungus gnats chew up root system also?
  3. the rrock

    Whats in your oldest jar?!?!?!

    My bud starts turning brownish after about 18 months, still works for edibles.,
  4. the rrock

    Sister Mooo signing in!

    Welcome Sis , fellow rider here 🕷
  5. the rrock

    Does this grow stuff good?

    you cant go wrong with the FF trio,alot of friends use it with great results
  6. the rrock

    Reliable seed bank ?...

    Does Mark have any grow show reports on any of his strains , is strainly like a craigslist for clones/seeds , seems kind of random with all the many options out there worldwide and local,also I prefer cc over cash in mail cuts down on delivery time
  7. the rrock

    What are you smoking today? Summer 2020

    smoking my romBOMB, I crossed my Romulan with Gorilla bomb(bomb seeds), got a bunch growing outdoors now hopefully find more winners to back cross
  8. the rrock

    White/brown dots on my fan leaves, please help it’s my first time growing and I don’t want it to die on me

    Ive always used a miticide either Avid or Floramite(on a rotating basis) neem oil is a joke imo. I only use these on leaves in veg. But ive spray once then they gone. With no oily residue. Now avail on amazon, and let us know if the ladybugs are working before they leave or die.
  9. the rrock

    New Root Packs And Upgrades!!!

    Thanks y’all
  10. the rrock

    New Root Packs And Upgrades!!!

    is there still a coupon code? it use to be FARMER?
  11. the rrock

    Diesels Dog House

    What year is your truck , I had a 1970 C-10 in 1980 , it’s probably still on road
  12. the rrock


    could b any type of sative,did you get it out of a bag?Or gifted?
  13. the rrock

    When to Harvest a Male for Edibles and CBD

    Good lucks post some pics of the finished products!!
  14. the rrock

    Help Me Find US Alternatives To These UK Grow Products

    amazon ships worldwide I believe,dont waste my time at the hydro stores anymore as they just come and go.
  15. the rrock

    Call me paranoid...can heat detectors on helicopters detect LEDs?

    are you located in china? USA has bigger problems than whatever you guys are up to😠
  16. the rrock

    Trying to start a seed company

    im ALL IN bro PM me when your operational ,I wanna be a customer and consumer
  17. the rrock

    My dream vacation.

    Morocco!! all day long(if your single)
  18. the rrock

    Starting a small medical cannabis shop

    I dont think dispensaries in CA even sell autoflower,and if they did it wouldnt sell,in the span of 5 years weed will be available for in home delivery acro$$ state lines
  19. the rrock

    TrAsh or TREASURE?!

    Wow a camera that uses film that’s a rarity $$$