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    When To Change Dwc Reservoir?

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    When To Change Dwc Reservoir?

    how do I find this? tried searching no results
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    root rot

    hi my last 2 grows have been ended short due to root rot. im running a rdwc setup with a chiller., last time I put 4lt of household bleach in 160lts of water ran for 3hrs soaked for 2hrs before flushing with fresh tap water., and introduced the chiller to the system. The res temp sits under...
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    White critical single plant ScrOG 4x4 quantum board

    well done what did it yield ?
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    plant problem rdwc

    hi 3 plants in rdwc. co2 enrichment 1200ppm. just flipped after 6.5wks of veg. all 3 plants look great 3/4 of my total canopy full in a scrog. I usually maintain ec. at 2, I went away for a week camping. Got back plants all fine, ec down to 1. did a water change which came in at ec. 2.4, mind I...
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