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  1. ZackyFarms

    What day is your "day 1?"

    when you flip to flower, when do you consider day 1 of flowering?
  2. ZackyFarms

    What day is your "day 1?"

    Hey everyone, I know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to timing/outlining their grow. Im just curious, when do you determine "day 1?" Is day 1 when you first see green sprouting or is it when the first set of leaves develop, or something in-between?
  3. ZackyFarms

    Excess potassium or Cal/mag deficiency?

    What is your PH and ppm at? I've seen similar issues with a sudden PH swing.
  4. ZackyFarms

    DIY RDWC Closet Grow Setup

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my RDWC system I built. I have a funky closet with a "cubby" so I had to get creative on maximizing space. The cubby is only about 4feet 4 inch tall, 3 feet wide, 4ft deep. Here is the plant reservoir configuration. The plant is sitting on a 10gal tote...
  5. ZackyFarms

    How to mix nutes for hydro

    it's going to be a good amount of work no matter what :-) The easiest and cleanest way is probably getting a second reservoir. You can prep everything in the second reservoir and relocate the plant to this reservoir. This will allow you to clean out the first reservoir too. You'll want to clean...
  6. ZackyFarms

    Should i harvest already?

    Looking nice so far! I think harvest timing is all preference. If you want that heavy high feeling, wait for the amber tips to come through. If you like something lighter, once the tips are all milky, take her down.
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