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    bag seed

    was wonderign what everybody thinks of this strain? just some bag seed but seems pretty good right now has been flowering 4 1/2 weeks under 4 23 watt and 2 30 watt cfl's a few more plants in the room but they don't seem to be all that great so i don't really enjoy taking pictures of them lol
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    after curing weed smells like hay?

    after my last harvest i hung it for 5 days (popcorn sized buds) cut them off the stems threw them into a paper bag for a day then threw them into a jar for a day burping them every few hours put them back in the paper bag for a day and then back into the jar seemed quite dry and was smokeable...
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    Minnesota grower indoor this time of year obviously growing bag seed as of now since i am so broke i can't afford to buy seeds online i play guitar i love music i've been smoking for about 7 years now
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    help please think my plant is showing sex

    alright my plant is now 22 days old and i was looking at the nodes it looks like it's growing small buds but it's under 24/0 light and i'm not sure but is there a way i can tell the sex now? like right this second xP coz if it's a male i want to start growing more asap
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    cheapest lights

    I am looking for lights that i could use that would grow 1-4 plants for about 100$ anybody know of any? or am i being too cheap and needing to save up a few months?
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    i don't get how ballasts work do you plug a lamp into them? do you have to wire a new fixture to them? could somebody help please
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    will my plant flower

    under 3 15w fluorescent tubes? pictures in my gallery of the plant
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    Wondering about some led light panels!!

    <head> </head> <body>I've been contemplating growing for a long time now and the lights i have are complete junk... Currently the lights i have are 15w fluorescent tubes that put out about 1000 lumens a piece so that doesnt work... I was just wondering if 2 of these light panels would work for...
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