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    Dutch Hardline soft-drugs tolerance policy dies at the gates of the town hall

    these Coffeeshop Cities will not have the Weedpass Here is a list of Cities which have already decided, by city council majority, not to have the Weedpass, under this txt. Now that the Minister now surrendered, he allows the City Councils and Mayors to have the Weedpass, or not. The City...
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    Dutch Hardline soft-drugs tolerance policy dies at the gates of the town hall

    1st ANNUAL 420 HEMPSTERDAM PARTY !!!!! The evening PROTEST EVENT is CANCELLED... Due to the 1st ANNUAL 420 HEMPSTERDAM PARTY !!!!! (with speakers) We will STILL HAVE a SMOKE-OUT for cannabis liberation worldwide and further liberation of the herb and its growers and users in the...
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    Dutch Hardline soft-drugs tolerance policy dies at the gates of the town hall

    dumb, dumber, dumbest Ivo and Korsakov, you can not separate them, poophead ivo thank jah i'm a pothead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dutch Hardline soft-drugs tolerance policy dies at the gates of the town hall

    Dutch Municipalities may decide themselves what sort of action they take against coffeeshops which choose to boycott the “weedpass”? One plus one makes two. Many municipalities are opposed to the weedpass and will therefore not be quick in closing the shops. The mayors and municipalities have...
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    We have won!!!!

    Since the hated Opstelten wietpas presented, the criticism of the air. Not only from the coffee shops in some cities such as Amsterdam in the border region and a considerable revenue decline coming, but also of the municipalities. Venlo, for example, against, and Den Bosch, Breda, Eindhoven and...
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    Les Tenanciers de Coffeeshops d'Haarlem refusent d'introduire le Weedpass.

    Les 16 coffeeshops à cannabis "tolérés" de Haarlem, unis au sein du collectif associatif "T.H.C" (Team Haarlem Coffeeshopentrepreneurs) rejettent le projet de "Weedpass" du ministre de la justice Opstelten, ne voyant pas l'intérêt de ficher leur clients en tant que consommateurs de Cannabis...
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    Deze shop zijn van het eerste uur in de 4:20 smoke-out PROTEST!

    Coffeeshop Dampkring, Amsterdam. Coffeeshop Eerste Hulp, Amsterdam. Coffeeshop Hofnar, Harlingen. Coffeeshop Heaven, Sneek. Coffeeshop Flower Power, Leeuwarden. Coffeeshops "t Grasje, Utrecht. Coffeeshop Dreamland, Haarlem. Coffeeshop Empire, Haarlem, Coffeeshop The Lounge, Haarlem...
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    Nol van Schaik:"Aan alle coffeeshopondernemers van Nederland"

    Beste collega's, Zoals jullie misschien al weten hebben de 16 haarlemse coffeeshops besloten om de Wietpas als zodanig niet in onze coffeeshops in te voeren. Uit een in onze coffeeshops gehouden enquete, (Uitslag enquete door 16 Haarlemse coffeeshops. Adobe acrobat reader .pdf) blijkt dat...
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    Haarlems Coffeeshops weigern sich den Wietpass einzuführen

    Alle 16 lizensierten Coffeeshops in Haarlem, den Niederlanden, weigern sich den Wietpass von Justizminister Opstelten einzuführen. Die Besitzer der Cannabiscafes sehen keinen Sinn in der Registrierung ihrer Kunden als Cannabisgebraucher. Smokeout-Demonstration am 20. April 2012 geplant...
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    Unirse a nuestra protesta 420 en Amsterdam

    Nol van Schaik : Convocatoria de una protesta contra la política de wietpas el 20 de abril en Amsterdam! Mas informacion: bjZQfsdeeVA
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    Cannabis Consumenten Collectief.

    vind ik leuk knop op fb van het CCC
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    De KRO-verslaggevers begeven zich deze week op de wietmarkt
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    De wietpas

    JDTV ReRMruF-FKg
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    20 April 2012 Amsterdam 4:20 smoke-out

    20 April 2012 Amsterdam 4:20 smoke-out
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    Tangerine Dream Cannabis Cup 2010

    Thnx and the the peanuts are nice in the pic :anim_19:
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    Haarlem's Coffeeshop Entrepreneurs refuse to introduce Weedpass.

    Just say NO If all coffeeshops would joint the Haarlem refusal, we could start organizing a party, instead of a protest!!!!
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    Haarlem's Coffeeshop Entrepreneurs refuse to introduce Weedpass.

    now we only have to pull the other 218 over the line.... I am really happy about the teamwork in Haarlem, we stand side by side, all 16 open, or all 16 closed! It is a pity that Amsterdam does not seem to be able to unite and refuse the weedpass, I know the Dampkring Amsterdam and Coffeeshop...
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    Wil je GEEN respons of mailing, laat het woord aan Michel veling!

    De eerste is er al 1? en weer die THC % d's jammer van D66. Maar met wat meer info kan D66 beter uit de hoek komen! Iemand?
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    Cannabis Consumenten Collectief.

    Het regelen van een achterdeur is een gat in de markt en levert veel werk op, als een shop zijn eigen kweek vergunning krijgt voor de kilo's die de shop aantoonbaar verkoopt p/jr. En die dan ook zijn eigen genetica kweekt en met zijn "eigen" kweker een vaste prijs afspraak maakt incl. btw en...
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