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    quantum boards

    Says something about demand that this continues to be the case. They sell them faster than they can get them.
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    Nutrient burn or some deficiency?

    That's obvious burn.
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    quantum boards

    The manufacturer, HLG, gets back ordered all the time. They may be waiting on HLG. They'll be good lights when they come, I have 3.
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    Tranny Plant

    That pic is plenty clear. There are no pistols visible.
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    Tranny Plant

    I don't see any boobies. No seeds in your future from that.
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    Help with choosing good root stimulator,fertilizers and soil

    Gets advice answering question. Repeats question with additional text indicating that he totally hasn't processed the answers already received. Prepares to fuck up his first crop. Watching...
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    Help with Water
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    Help with Water

    Have you considered hydroguard? Its a supply of microbes that establish a presence and prevent hostile colonies.
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    Help with choosing good root stimulator,fertilizers and soil

    Millions of vegetable gardeners get great results out of any decent potting soil, and light, judicious use of a fertilizer. Pot is no different. It's best to start with a standard soil (Happy Frog is good), a common fertilizer (I use botanticare pro, veg and bloom), at 3/4 recommended...
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    Interesting Paper On Vpd And Flushing

    A lab analysis can do exactly that. The distribution of nitrogen ions in the sap, and the resulting molecules in which those ions are ultimately used is actually pretty well known, down to the level of the precise chemical reactions involved. This is a layman's synopsis from an extension...
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    What is happening?!

    The hardness is locking out nutes. Gotta solve that first.
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    What I'm Working On

    How do you go about selecting a male for breeding? It always seemed to me that this would be fraught with peril; that there is no way to detect whether a male carries the gene for high potency.
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    Getting setup for Bitcoin - experts?

    I want to get set up for bitcoin to fund an account for poker. I just need to submit bitcoin to fund the account, not a lot of activity. I have no intent to trade bitcoin, just use it for opening a (shhh) gambling account for small amounts. :cool: Can anyone give me a recommendation on a...
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    THC Infused whiskey 🥃

    Why on earth would you want to? I like my whiskey, and my bowl. I might often more of one without the other. I can't imagine that THC is going to positively affect the taste of my McClellans.
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    What is going on with my leaves

    Sorry, my mistake. Fulvics and Humics are similar in effect, operate in opposite directions, I had a brain fart. They both offer pH stabilization and chelation of difficult to assimilate nutrient compounds. My main comment still pertains; if they are necessary for a nute mix, I expect (and...
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    What is going on with my leaves

    Tribus is a microbial innoculant. The general value those have is to enable release of organically bound nitrogen. Doubt it's helping you at all, but it probably won't hurt. Ful-power is humic acid, which is usually used to regulate pH in soil. If people needed it added to Jack's, Jacks 321...
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    Are These From Mites?

    Pyrethins kill a variety of small critters, including fleas, which are something other than an insect. I've not used pyrethin on mites, for other reasons, but have no reason to believe that is not toxic to them.
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    What is going on with my leaves

    Just looked up recharge, my opinion is that microbe additions to hydro techniques are silly. The purpose of microbes is to unlock organically bound nitrogen, which isn't a need in your solution. I'd delete it.
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    What is going on with my leaves

    Just looked them up, isn't clear from their web page what their micronutrient components, if any, are. Kinda cheezy that you have to obtain calcium and magnesium separately. The kelp ought to give you some micronutes, but this is a mix I'm not familiar with. And, TBH, I've never done coco...