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  1. rosco23

    Veg to Flower Transplant

    whats up guys rosco here with a question... ive been encountering an issue when i transplant from my 8 gallon veg buckets to my 13 gallon flower buckts. the roots in the veg systems are robust and healthy but almost every time i transplant to my flower system (13 gallon buckets) my roots get...
  2. rosco23

    My first run in ucdb32xl

    i dont like the idea of a ph controller because it can mask ph issues. id rather see what the ph is doing and adjust manually. ill run a whole cycle at 5.8 and not notice any difference if i were to micro manage ph between 6-6.3 for veg and 5.5-5.9 for flower. just my opinion and set up tho not...
  3. rosco23

    Do I have a virus?

    yes i meant overall throughout the stage of the plant they can handle higher ppm. i start at 100ppm. yes rdwc. hydroton in netpots ever since grow stone randomly went out of business this past year.
  4. rosco23

    Do I have a virus?

    i used to think 400-500 was high until i had a few revelations. 400 is mother plant ppm. you can jack this shit up to 1000+ and be fine (500 scale)
  5. rosco23

    Do I have a virus?

    when i was forced to switch from grow stones to hydroton i saw similar things to what your experience from a residue standpoint. plants never skipped a beat but that brown dust looks like its from the hydroton not being thoroughly cleaned before use. its a bitch to wash.
  6. rosco23

    My first run in ucdb32xl

    do you like to run your top off with just ro water and then add back nutrients or do you run your top off at the same strength as the current feed? im torn between doing it one way or the other
  7. rosco23

    Do I have a virus?

    how long have you been growing in rdwc? how many harvests have you completed successfully
  8. rosco23

    from hypochlorous acid to pool shock

    what does z7 even do? how does it clean but not sterilize and also not function like hydroguard?
  9. rosco23

    Ph Dropping From 5.8 To 3.9 Overnight! What Is Causing This?

    dump the silica brah it falls out of suspension too easily. if you want to shake up the nutrients try house and garden aqua flakes!
  10. rosco23

    from hypochlorous acid to pool shock

    can i switch mid cycle from a homemade hypochlorous acid solution to the infamous pool shock method mid grow without causing harm via negative interaction between the two solutions? im week 3ish of veg i dont have the slime but the roots are definitely brown but still fish boning its kinda...
  11. rosco23

    Switching sterilizing agents

    im in week 3 of veg in rdwc system. ive seen root rot before where your roots are slimy to hell. ive kept it at bay for several grows but seem to have some brown discoloration no clumping or slime but definitely not white roots. id like to switch from the bleach water solution ive been using to...
  12. rosco23

    Veg Bloom Hard/Tap

    i dont grow in soil. it would be current culture rdwc. i am drinking some exlcusive maine breweries (sea dog, einsten ipa, gearys summer ipa!!!!)
  13. rosco23

    Veg Bloom Hard/Tap

    hi everyone. currently using house and garden in my current culture facility. Love it. Unfortunately the requirement of RO water is starting to obstruct operations (time constraint, the waste water from RO) and i am trying to get some information about veg bloom hard/tap. the untreated water...
  14. rosco23

    Rockwool Cube At Bottom Of Net Pot? Mine Is 2 1/2" Above Net Pot

    damn now this is the knowledge ive been looking for lol. i am having trouble making the transition from the cloner to my current culture system because im not sure where i should be keeping my water level at during this first 1-2 weeks of veg. so you wait until your roots are nice and long out...
  15. rosco23

    Best Strain For The Uc?

    just finished my first run in rdwc. GMO. slightly finicky but it loved the dwc.
  16. rosco23

    Commercial Craft Grow

    think years ahead when making decisions and forecasting. dont invest more than you can afford to lose. i think it sounds like you can be successful. good luck.
  17. rosco23


    is anyone here familiar with METRC? i believe my state will be adopting it in 2019 and i was wondering does the system use 24/7 surveillance cameras? i want to know if I’m going to have to put cameras in my house since that’s where i cultivate at Thanks.
  18. rosco23

    Does Pm Only Infect Living Plants?

    Yeah everything I’m reading is saying PM needs a living host to germinate.
  19. rosco23

    Does Pm Only Infect Living Plants?

    I just harvested and have a full room hang drying right now. No PM during the grow but was curious can PM infect dead plants too? Like i figure the plant isn’t living the spores shouldn’t be able to germinate but maybe someone can chime in here... Thanks.
  20. rosco23

    Rockwool In Ez Cloner

    is this a bad idea? My friend gave me some clones in Rockwool cubes and i was thinking this would speed up the rooting process so i can put them in my dwc system. They roots are just poking out the bottom of the cubes as of now.
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