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    Why is there yellowing between veins of my leaves?

    Do you have a microscope, check out the underside of the leaves, could be spidermites, although it seems a litlle off, but just to be sure. if it is you know right away, there will be a lot of action and several stades from eggs(sferic) up to adult.
  2. Straits

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

    It's best not to ruin peoples self confidence by plastering out pics my 20 foot autos and my 24 pounds per plant of the photoperiodic ones... So I'll wait a while maybe until the chainsaw chop, it's quite a happening here with roadblocks because of the falling "trees". Last year a flying branch...
  3. Straits

    About 6-7 week old plant...hairs...BAD or GOOD... Pistils? If bad what can I do to correct it?

    It's pistils and it has started to flower, more because of stresss than you've hit a 12/12 period or thereabout I'd say. It looks like 5 nodes on an inch, if I were you I'd cut it and start fresh, it's not worth the time and effort to try and get anything decent outta that. Even though you say...
  4. Straits

    Why are my leaves yellowing and drying out beginning at the edge?

    To me it looks kinda roots related, too damp environment perhaps. How are the roots looking?!
  5. Straits

    New 2017 Drop ... Bubba Kush & Purple Urkle Feminized Hybrids

    hey Nspecta, where is the [email protected], like Greasy Grapes, Black D..... and when we're at them urkles, where's the Violet Flame - Wifi 43 x Purple Urkle .........just asking.
  6. Straits

    The Pisces Genetics Arsenal

    Just found out that the Polaris is some hermi-prone shyte, have no light leaks whatsoever, but all my 4 Polaris have thrown nanners big time in the beginning of nearly every bud, very concealed like, found out yesterday at close up inspection, many had opened at guess what my fans do spread it...
  7. Straits

    PNW BudPorn

    Hi Kaya I've got a question about your Gasmask, is it a collab with Exotic or do you each have your own strain. When I look at forexample the genetics, they're listed like an incross of Cherry Pie x Alien Kush f2 and the Exotic Gasmask is Cherry Pie x Starfighter f2:bookworm:hmmm.
  8. Straits

    best strain to treat shizophrenia

    Just saw the name of the thread; Best strain to treat scizophrenia.....there's none! One of my friends many year ago was scizophrenic,and he smoked a lot of hash and weed and was in and out of mental hospitals,who nursed him back to a tolerable state of mind,but when out again,he didn't take his...
  9. Straits


    Hi Hazeman,it's been quite some time since you replied here,around April or so,but yea I can see why,you have been a busy bee,with all them "new" strains,but I've got a question regarding this golden oldie Blowfish,is it Dutchflowers stock,since the seeds is regular,and if then the defination...
  10. Straits

    Weedprizoner doing lifetime

    Weedprizoner doing lifetime
  11. Straits

    strain that smells like limes

    Just finished up some Puna Haze which is Tangerine Dream x 3Kings and some Nevil's haze x Sour Larry,and both have phenoes that reeks of lime BIG time with the Nevil's Haze x Sour Larry as the winner,but with the Puna Haze as a close runner up,you just close yer eyes and sniff and it's like you...
  12. Straits

    Bodhi Seeds White Sky (Krome's White x Endless Sky)

    here's some descriptions Bodhi Seeds White Sky This plant was created for the people needing a medical indica, with a heavy duty knockout, couchlock effect. she has light floral and hashy notes with an abundance of easy to grow flowers... Mother: kromes "the white" is probably the most...
  13. Straits

    Who has best rep in seed form sour d?

    Definately must be Rez SD IBL.He has been working that line the longest time Wíth that you're sure to get what ya asked for imo.:icon_spin:
  14. Straits

    Big Hi From Up North......c",)

    Hello everybody at the farm!!:winking0067: I'm located at 55N and have been growing pot since '82,of course mostly outdoors but in the past seven years indoor too,but I'll keep it to a minimum because of the insane electrical bills(40 cents/kw). At this latitude you need some early finishers...
  15. Straits

    Sig Hej!

    Hej Allesammen:character0029:
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