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    Moe's ASG Testing Thread

    nice one mo, are you planning on over potting em soon?
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    Moe's ASG Testing Thread

    re sweet im watching :afroweed: good luck regards ASG :420:
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    What's your favorite Motorcycle---Plane---

    for me its a honda vfr400 nc35 or nc30 best road racer ever IMO :)
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    ALL-STARS Test Grow

    sounds good, looking forward to the grow! good luck regards ASG:420:
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    what's the haps?

    yea the NL helps with the vigour, LA(DNA clone only) is real slow growing and yields are less than most strains. so we have improved it by adding some NL to the mix. these will be up for testing in a couple of weeks.. We have alot of old-school strains that we will be reintroducing soon...
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    woa that looks good, i will see what my buddy thinks of it, i do like the chuck taylor converse logo, it seems to be more 3D... and the letters look sewn in.. thanks for the help, see what you can do with the info i just supplied.. regards ASG
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    hi mate, cant send a ppm yet, i need this logo for the T-shirts too ,so it needs to be bigger than my avaitar and more sharp.. see what you can do with it,, thanks for the help regards ASG
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    works for my avaitar thanks, send me a pm with ya infos.. :fixed:
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    All-star-genetics Logo? Hi all, well im not the best on photoshop and need some help finishing our logo. i am looking for somebody that is familiar with photoshop or a program like it. i will either send the file to you or you can copy it from the pic.. in return you will get 50 seeds of...
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