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  1. thinman

    Greetings all!

    welcome, Shasta.
  2. thinman

    King Kong

    "Its good to hear that its rated by other test growers as potent medicine ,and its a well rewarded smoke in Amsterdam ,so it does bring some balance in opinions and thats what test reports are about..." ALLSTAR-OG hey there, allstar-og, first let me point out that i was not a "tester" but a...
  3. thinman

    Nigerian T Haze Smoke Report!!

    best regards, thinman
  4. thinman

    KUSHDEE from All-Star Genetics

    great looking plants, altitudefarmer. such wide leafs and thick stalk. will be checkin in to watch the flower show. also will be looking for some KUSHDEE seeds. i'd love to give it a go here.
  5. thinman

    King Kong

    pimpin, i started a single pack and ended up with 5 females. to allstar's credit they were identical in appearance and smells. not enough difference between them to make any distinct selection possible, so i chose the one with the thickest stalk and stems to take cuttings from. the others were...
  6. thinman

    King Kong

    thanks ALLSTAR-OG, maybe i shouldn't have posted my experience with the King Kong. i was tossing and turning all night thinking about it. it really wasn't meant to trash the plant. my expectations were so high when i purchased those seeds, maybe nothing could have fulfilled them. if i had...
  7. thinman

    King Kong

    it really does make me feel bad to file a negative report on this strain because the folks at all star genetics seem to be good people. but my experience indicates this plant can offer good yields, decent potency, but the lack of flavor and mediocre high leaves it lacking in my book. it is an...
  8. thinman

    AllStar Genetics King Kong Test Grow

    hey paulycali, those templates at other sites really aren't necessary, imo. you did a fine job addressing the things us farmers are most interested in. some may think differently, of course. personally, i'm stoked as a little child over your report as i have one female coming along nicely...
  9. thinman

    AllStar Genetics King Kong Test Grow

    hey paulycali, looking really good. will be checking back often to read your smoke comments. thanks for sharing your experience.
  10. thinman

    King Kong

    looking great, mack 10. really looking forward to your smoke report on these, as i have a single female flowering now @ day 14. her cuttings rooted easily. looks like me and attitude farmer are at the same stage of flowering. when i rub the stems i can pick up some truly dank smells---nothing...
  11. thinman

    Super Skunk X Alien Kush

    got me a pack too. will be watching this one with great interest. here's hoping for high potency and heavy yields.
  12. thinman

    fungus knats

    i hate fungus gnats. if you're dealing with fungus gnats or thrips, you have to break up their life cycle: egg, larvae, adult. you can kill them off by taking out any stage you choose to select. growing in soiless mixes i've found that attacking the larvae stage to be very effective. i've...
  13. thinman

    King Kong & Kaligria (Test Grow) by PrairieBoy

    PrarieBoy, will be tagged along with this thread for the entire ride. can't wait to see how those beauties finish up. very excited to see such uniformity among seedlings. good luck and thanks for sharing your experience.
  14. thinman

    KING KONG (allstar genetics)

    "thinman, are you harvestmen?" MACK 10 nope, probably just a similar avatar... "King kong looks like a short plant with high yields.." jah hoover along with a STRONG up high and good flavor too
  15. thinman

    KING KONG (allstar genetics)

    hey ALLSTAR-GO, order is in the mail for a pack of king-kong. looking forward to having a good yielding, good tasting strain back in the garden. i'll be picking up the WestSide next.
  16. thinman

    flushing with tap water

    regarding PH and rainwater/melted snow, etc...rainwater was used to establish workable PH numbers. in other words, rainwater is usually 7.0, which is considered neutral. less than that is acidic, more than that is alkaline. they simply took some clean rainwater, tested it, and established it as...
  17. thinman

    Daisy Cloner 8 and DIY cloner questions

    BudBlazer, the daisey cloner cost me $70. for that you get a 3 gallon bucket, a lid with 8holes in it, 9 neoprene clone holders, and a $12 dollar pump---oh yeah, 1 extra $1.79 sprayer head. because the pump sits in the water, it will heat it up beyond safe temps for cloning. the little suction...
  18. thinman

    C99 BX-1 Harvest Shots - Smoke Report

    nice job, easy. you have me excited about this strain. started 5 during the "blue moon" we recently experienced. won't be another one for 20 years. hope to get some lunar mojo working for me. might have to reconsider some f1's while they're still available after seeing the pics mosca posted of...
  19. thinman

    Fly hooker

    picked up a pack of fly hooker but there isn't much written about this one. anyone link me to a fly hooker grow thread? any experience with it out there? its the sweet tooth/warlock x c99. thanks
  20. thinman

    Flushing coir

    i used FLORASHIELD (100:1 ratio) to expand GH's COCOTEK COIR, strained, planted cuts. kept moist with 0.0 ppm water...runoff measured between 148-160 ppm. much lower than i was expecting after reading about coco. my tap water is close to 250 ppm for comparison...
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