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  1. RippedTorn

    Can e-growers please send the chemical ferts to hell already?

    It's time to end the bullshit. The ornamental novelty nute industry needs to die off, completely. From the fact a 50 year hash head can't even tell if it's weed you just handed him, to the perpetual pesticides chem growers lie out their asses about, 100% dependent on them deadly chemicals, it...
  2. RippedTorn

    Where does a lemon get its flavor from?

    Humanity 1996: Citric acid Humanity 2019: d-limonene Humanity is devolving at a rapid pace. Thanks to nothing more than commercial propaganda by the future producers of America. I've smoked their e-cigs before.. Watermelon flavor? Citrus flavor? You gotta be kidding me.. People actually put...
  3. RippedTorn

    Hydroponic Tomatoe Vs Fertile Soil Tomatoe

    Data mining opinions. We know hydroponic has no significant medicinal or nutritional value, but flavor seems rather subjective. So what's your opinion on: Store bought tomato vs home grown in dark slightly acidic soil? If anyone wishes to elaborate on the flavor of hydroponic tomatoes, go...
  4. RippedTorn

    Chlorine Dioxide Odor Control?

    This may freak you out.. Or maybe this is totally normal? It has come to my awareness that grows in AZ are not being scrubbed with carbon or ozone, but are gassing with Chlorine dioxide for odor control. Has anyone heard of this? Could this be one of the reasons the bud I've looked at in...
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