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  1. RippedTorn

    Re vegging a chopped flower plant. What to expect?

    Ever have mold problems growing that dense? I reveg, always get paranoid tho and bust out the scissies (that's cool weed slang for scissors)
  2. RippedTorn

    Curing and burping. Storing throughout

    You absolutely should use plastic before jarring. But plastic storage totes from Walmart/home depot? Heeeeeell no. Food grade plastic only. 5 Gallon buckets with the gamma omega lids or whatever they're called are popular.
  3. RippedTorn

    Help.. Please. Overdried? Curing? Nooby grower.

    Wet weed is in fashion. Boveda solves all.
  4. RippedTorn

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    Post my soil mix?! That's like posting your fingerprints, your anal stamp and your mushroom print!
  5. RippedTorn

    Can't lower soil pH even with flush?

    1) You acidify your water to lower pH. At 25ppm that's a very low amount of acidification required,it's not going to affect your soil much. 2)When you measure runoff, youre measuring what's being removed from the soil. Measuring runoff really doesn't mean much on its own. You're going to have...
  6. RippedTorn

    Buds on Day 2 of drying, can I still wash them?

    I've washed buds weeks after harvest. Only because they were going to go in the trash otherwise. The drier they are the quicker the wash process. And to anyone curious, washed bud is good for edibles only.
  7. RippedTorn

    Let's play guess that deficiency

  8. RippedTorn

    Help Please!!!! Weird Seedling Situation!

    Ph too high
  9. RippedTorn

    new plants are completely deformed,

    Ph too high
  10. RippedTorn

    Hay smell when drying - Any actual solutions?

    Chlorophyll is a pigment. If your plants are green they've still got the pigment. It's pretty self explanatory how to keep fatty acid derivatives in the human-attracting spectrum and out of the predator-attracting spectrum: Don't let an...
  11. RippedTorn

    I am great at smoking but not so great at growing.

    RO is the new Calmag.. The southwest has horrible waters.
  12. RippedTorn

    What makes dense buds ??

    Veggie farmers definitely flush. Excess nitrogen lowers crop values by lowering sugars, oils and shelf life. Same applies to pot, hence the marriage of unflushed weed and boveda packs. Some people just don't get it... Too many uneducated people making shit up on these forums. If your bud...
  13. RippedTorn

    Looking for a real skunk strain.

    Skunk has no terps.
  14. RippedTorn

    Can a single 4 foot plant stink a whole mountain side

    Where the plants smell like potpourri terpenes instead of Cannabis alkenes, alkanes, aldehydes thiols, ketones lactones, amines, indoles, nitriles, haloalkanes, alcohols etc. I'd rather have natural smelling illegal herb that works than grow legal cuts of essential oil fruit peel air freshener...
  15. RippedTorn

    Trichomes and when to harvest

    My trichomes are clear at harvest and mature during the cure. Of course my grow obviously isn't the typical forum style grow, I rely on the cure to take every aspect of my crop to next level. Bone dry and caked in resin stinking through multiple vaccum layers and tasting better than any candy...
  16. RippedTorn

    KNF fermentation, lets have a discussion.

    Your in the wrong place for that. Memorizing the cool acronyms is about as technical as internet folk like to get. Why don't you feed them fruit? How many people using molasses have ever looked in the microscope? It's just an internet sheep thing, not proven superior in any way.
  17. RippedTorn

    Mushroom thread

    No way. Texas > everything else. Don't mess with Texas!
  18. RippedTorn

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Legally purchased from a legal dispensary. Growing is illegal in my state! I legally purchased 2 lbs of this stuff that would not legally sell. Horrible high, gross buttery flavor. Random bagseed. Scientific proof frost is pointless. Even when it's all heads (all necks is even worse)
  19. RippedTorn

    Spider Farmer SF1000 From Seed to Harvest

    I have one problem with Spider farmer (besides the poorly translated user manual) and that is the fact the drivers you use provide less power at 120v than at 240v. I'm certain Meanwell has drivers that put out equal light at 120v and 240v. I only have 240 in one room, so I'm wasting potential...
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