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  1. DirtyDave1990

    Big Nugs Fast Auto Pots

    I put the seed that hopefully become my mother plant in paper towel today. I will grow her in soil and take clones from her which I will put into AutoPots for my first hydro grow.
  2. DirtyDave1990

    Help identifying if this is pollen sacs or just little pre buds

    Title says it all. I’ve been spraying colloidal silver for about 2.5 weeks and I noticed these in the pic below. Last night I was sure they were pollen sacs now I’m starting to think they are just pre-buds forming. Anyone with a good eye for this?
  3. DirtyDave1990

    Help diagnosing spots and dead leave edges

    Overall the plant is doing well. But I see these spots on some of the fan leaves and then one of the fan leaves has these brown edges. Pics below. Any help/guidance appreciated.
  4. DirtyDave1990

    Help with making feminized auto flower seeds using colloidal silver

    Hello all. So I have an lsd-25 auto flower that I am trying to herm out so I can make some feminized seeds from it. I’ve been spraying my plant 2-3 times a day for 13 days and don’t see any signs of the pollen sacs forming. The plant is starting to get some bud sites though. Has anyone had any...
  5. DirtyDave1990

    Help with which set of instructions to follow

    I have some fertilome fish emulsion fertilizer 5-1-1 now my problem is I’m such a newb I’m not sure which set of instructions on the bottle I should follow. From the selections it gives me I’m thinking that marijuana would be classified as ( roses, flowers annual and perrenial) but could also be...
  6. DirtyDave1990

    Testing leachate when using fabric pots

    Hey all so I’m starting my second grow (recent grow anyways) my first grow I didn’t have an ec meter so I never tested my leachate. I was going to get a meter for this grow but I started using fabric pots and am wondering if I’d still be able to test leachate. My concern is that the fabric pots...
  7. DirtyDave1990

    LSD-25 autoflower, new grower, also trying to make feminized seeds

    INTRO: So this is my fourth overall grow (first 2 were like 9-10 years ago, and number 3 is 5 weeks into flowering) this is my first auto strain and I am also going to try to herm a plant using colloidal silver and then use that to make a BUNCH of feminized seeds. So I will be starting one plant...
  8. DirtyDave1990

    Problems with seedlings (autoflower) and need advice with auto

    So I had twelve seeds they were 6 Strawnana and 6 northern lights both were feminized and photoperiod. I planted them in fox farms ocean forest potting soil and 10 of them died in the seedling stage. Only two of the strawnanas are left. They’re close to being harvested and I got some new seeds...
  9. DirtyDave1990

    New here and a beginner grower

    What’s up y’all I’m excited to be here. I did my first two grows about 9 years when I was 21 but I was living in a one bedroom apartment and it wasn’t a safe space to continue to grow in. I got a house a few years ago and finally got a space set up for growing. I have two strawnana plants that...
  10. DirtyDave1990

    Aeroponic cloning issues

    Hello I’m pretty new to this I have two plants growing and I took 5 clones off the one that I liked the characteristics of most and put them in my cloneking 25. I used clonex clone solution and followed the instructions on bottle for aeroponic mix. My air temp was kept consistently between...
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