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    10 seeds - how would YOU make more of them?

    Thanks all for your replies. I must admit, what Venom and Seamaiden suggest was what I had in mind before making the post. Theoretically it should give me the most options in the next grow. Of course selecting individual mothers and fathers would be the best way if I knew what I was...
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    10 seeds - how would YOU make more of them?

    First, I know this topic to some can hardly be categorized as breeding so if it belongs elsewhere, please move it, thx :) Right, well, now then... Ok, so let's say I got this pack of 10 seeds from a well-known, well-reputed breeder, no doubt the quality of the work is top grade. But uhm...
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    Hello from the cold North

    Are there any old PG'ers out there?
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    Black Seed & other strains outdoor 2010

    Wow - truly inspiring grow show you got going there curandero2012. I see you got a lot of Danish genetics going, happy with them?
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    Sig Hej!

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    Hello from the cold North

    Hello Thcfarmers! I'm Szyslack, I come from Denmark, and I'm hoping to get back into growing fairly soon. I have a couple of outdoor grows under my belt, and have also dabbled a bit in indoor. I've been away from the grow world for personal and health reasons, but now i hope to get back in...
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