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    Mid-Summer Drop Info, Base Lines and Limited Release gear coming up Next..

    What up cana bro how can I get my hands on some of those electric Larry lands my partner kes did that test grow for you and we grew that out a few times but lost the keeper clone due to some issues we were having. Been trying to find it ever since. I'll buy some asap please let me know. Great...
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    kushdee grow at week 7

    . Just thought is post a few pics to let you guys check out my cocoa kushdee grow. I was lucky enough to grab a clone off my partner who tested this gem. Version of kushdee testers. Your the man asg these are coming along wonderful!!!!
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    Small tiny green seedlike balls in calyx at 3 weeks in.....please help

    ok heres the deal. ive been growing for quite sometime and never had this problem or never realized it till the last couple of grows. This happened before and i bleached the whole room and also put a new coat of paint, and also cleaned all the lights and hoods. i am 3 weeks in with fem. seeds...
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    G-13 Haze and Original Amnesia

    kes did you flower these out yet. Im curious to see how they came out. And pick up your phone lol
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    white russian and purple diesel???

    Really did you use femmed seeds? A bunch of people I know ran them non fem and had nothing but great results. Time will tell. And thanks bro I will be very cautious.
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    rooted clones turning yellow

    what up bro yeah ive been using coco for years and you always have to give it a light feeding for the freshly rooted clones. Coco contains no nutes, i dont know what that guys talking about lol thats why its considered a hydro medium. And you should also keep them under the t5 for a little...
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    white russian and purple diesel???

    What up deisel? Yeah i havent grown them out yet but im in the process out of 11 11 popped all the same day. I havent sexed em yet. Im doing a grow journal on it so check it out. Id post the link here but i havent figured out how to do that yet lol. Ill be watching and good luck bro
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    Write Russian/White widow Coco Grow

    Hey farmers! So here we go with my first grow diary. Ive been growing for a number of years and why not share it with all my fellow growers. Ok so i got 22 white russian from serious seeds but ive decided to only crack 11 because i have to much going at the moment. I set up a top spray/drip to...
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    Winta fun with Arcata Trainwreck!!

    Whats up everyone. I was wondering if this was the a train from th seeds. I just recieved one from a friend and am very exited to grow it out. It is very spindly also. Thanks farmers and check out my pheno.
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    Critical Sensi Star

    what up brotha. Yeah that css is coming along nice. i found a good keeper huh? And that shit cracks me up that people waste their time arguing telling other very serious growers by the way that have started from seed and didnt have a clone. Why would someone lie about But anyway nice...
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    Electric Larry Land Grow Log

    hey canna im really impressed with this strain my boy kes is doing a test grow for ya and me and him work together trading strains and just help eachother out. I would also love to do a test grow if you ever need anyone. Im just getting established on this website but this is my passion. Ive...
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    please help with this question about herms

    bro ive checked everywhere and still cant find em. the buds are growing great and like i said there was just one premature seed. im at week 7 now so ill think ill make it without a seeded crop but what im saying is ive never had a plant that throws no bannanas and only make one premature seed...
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    please help with this question about herms

    ok im at week five of flower on my ww in waterfarms and ive gron this strain out for a couple years with the same clone and never had it herrmie. i have a big room with about 50 plants of a few dif strains. Today ive noticed the widow had almost a very tiny premature seed calx on the top of the...
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    I'm stuck about a good bloom booster

    Ok i got a question for all you farmers. I am running a drip/dwc in a moded waterfarm 12 pack that re circulates. Am am running canna nutes. Ive been hearing so much about the moab and hammerhead combo but i got cannas pk 13/14 instead. Has anyone tried this combo with the moab. I also got some...
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    PPM for Hydro

    Again its about the strain right now im running some ceres seeds white widow and at 1400 ppms and there doin wonder full with no sighns of burnt tips. I start at 300-600 for the first two weeks then 800-1000 then 1200-1500 for full flower works great every time with no problems. Im running canna...
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    molasses and hydro

    Thanks alot bro thats a great thing to know also when do you use it in flowering, Thanks again for the help and im happy im a member here great site and great people.
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    hydrogen peroxide h202 food grade/technical grade

    i use the 3% at 15ml a gallon this was recommended to me by a long time hydro grower. I run a moded up 11 bucket dwc cir. waterfarm kit. Ive been using it for years with great results but i only use it when temps get on the warm side in the res. thats when it really helps with the oxygen and to...
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    molasses and hydro

    i was wondering if you can use molasses in a hydro system
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    PPM for Hydro

    I veg between 800-1000 at full veg 1.0 ec and full flower from 1200 to 1500 ppm at a .7 conversion but every plants different read your plants start low and work your way up. When you see burnt tips back it down a bit. You'll get it. You also can crank it up if your using co2. Clones around...
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    Canna Boost - Who Uses It

    Love the shit creates quality buds I use it with the complete line with some big his and have ridiculous results
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