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  1. Humboldt.Rio

    Electrician Needed To Help Solve Receptical Outages

    Whatz up farmers. Merry belated Christmas and almost happy new year! Long story short. Right before Christmas i came home and i could tell it had been windy. stuff was blown around and out of place. thought weird... ok. 7 oclock lights on and no power to my 220 weird... been on for a year and...
  2. Humboldt.Rio

    Epilepsy In A Dog And Wanting To Use A Cbd Oil

    Hey farmers. Good morning. So last weekend I met a dog 2 years old that has been on heavy dosages of phenobarbital. Yesterday the owner said she was going to take her to be put down because the medication wasn't working. I took her home last night. She is very disoriented and doesn't really...
  3. Humboldt.Rio

    Gh 3 Part Coco And Plants Dying Wtf.... Please Help..

    hey farmers. all good? so gh 3 part was using the drain to waste schedule. before transplant i saw the ec getting high so did a 1\4 strength flush to 500ppm and 6 ph ok. they all started to turn white! so i thought more nitrogen and was feeding full stength 3rd week drain to waste waiting for...
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    Digital Ballast Sunsystem Cord And Reflector That Is Just 3 Wires

    Before i Just cut and rewire the ballast cord. Can I just do that even? Or is there another way I can connect this reflector? Cheers
  5. Humboldt.Rio

    New Grow Room 4 600´s Need Help With Climate Control And Vpd

    Whats up farmers? all good? Ive been growing for awhile. Im in a 4x8 tent now and hate it. I have access to a room now. im gonna use it. ive been reading so much about vpd. im convinced that this is why i never get the wow yields. im stuck on .5 to 1 gpw every time. good quality but.. So lets...
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    Coco Grow Using A Net And 2 600watt In 4x8 Tent

    whats up farmers All good? I need some help. Been growing almost 20 years. 15 of those in raised beds. dirt. moved out of the country started growing for only me in a armario. Vertical. hydro question is.... im in a 4x8 tent with 2 600´s now. i want to add a third 600 but next time. Anyways...
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    Coco Ph Problems With Gh 3 Part And Ro Water

    Hey farmers Fuck.. I have a problem that is killing me. For years i had access to botanicare line of nutes and never ph´ed my nutrients. and that is gone and stupidly or smartly started using a ph pen with gh 3part at 1ml/l micro. 1ml/l bloom. 2ml/l grow. with silica .4ml/l and calmag .8ml/...
  8. Humboldt.Rio

    New Grow 4x8x8 1800 Watt Vertical Grow Help

    Whatz up farmers!!! Im racking my brain and just need to bounce ideas off someone. As I said I have a 4x8x8 gorilla tent. I want to throw u a 3 light vert with hps-mh-hps right in the middle of the tent. Heat is gonna be my issue. I would love to bare bulb and exhaust heat from the top. I...
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    Whatz Up Farmers

    Hello everyone. I figured it was about time to get back into posting. Ive been a part of the community since overgrow. I think when that went down. I went too. I think a few of the mods around here I remember. Ive still be reading. But not posting. Im like that kid in class that listens...
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    Carry On Luggage And Hps Bulbs

    Anyone have any idea if travelling international, u can carry on HPS bulbs? I dont want to check them in amd before u say it..... I cant buy them when I get their.