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  1. Jumbobudski

    Using coco loco by fox farms.

    Hey all I’m growing from seed in coco loco by fox farm’s. I’m floraflex synthetic nutrients and great white myco, (real growers recharge once every 10 days) mammoth p, slf100, npk industries Amino acids and silica and Cali magic I use nectar of the god ph up and down I’m growing in 5 and 7...
  2. Jumbobudski

    Hey what’s good everyone. I’m Jim from the east coast

    Hey 👋 all I been a member of thc farmer for quite a bit reading all the forums trying to get up to speed in all the latest and greatest growing techniques and technology all well trying to hone my won skill set as a grower. I was growing outside my plants where getting better they all started...
  3. Jumbobudski

    Need help. Don’t know if these are males.

    Hey I’m in vege and I’m getting pre flowers I believe. I can’t read them. Can anyone help.
  4. Jumbobudski

    Coco loco? Help!!

    Hey what’s good y’all. I’m James. I been following this site for a bunch of years and it’s definitely helped me grow better plants. I was a once a year outside in the summer grower. Yield about 7-8 zips a summer. Would last a few weeks and it was fun. This year my plant got stolen by my brother...
  5. Jumbobudski

    I'm Starting To Go Amber.

    Well I just got this jewelrs loupe today so I'm not sure if it just started cus just got the loupe. How long does it take for them to turn amber? Can it happen over night??
  6. Jumbobudski

    I Want To Harvest. Any Pointers From The Pros??

    whats up people. I got 6 different strains all coming in on harvest. Not all at once but they are close to it and I'm looking for any and all advice on harvesting trimming and curing.
  7. Jumbobudski

    How's She Looking ??

    heg all I got the big plant in a planter wit all organic soil. Outdoor with some good bagseed !! Got some pics. Don't know if she ready to get the chop yet
  8. Jumbobudski

    My First Real Solo Grow

    I want to say hello and get any titbuts of Input and any types of help anyone can give me on this I have 4 or 5 different strains growing. All of them Are bag seeds. . Thanks a lot. Peace.
  9. Jumbobudski

    Should I Chop Her Down

    this is my biggest plant. Not all done yet but some looks so ripe.
  10. Jumbobudski

    Beginning Growing.

    Hey what's up all. I've been growing now 2 years and trying to get the hrvest and cure down pat. I need some good pointers on cure. I'm trying to bring out the most of the flavor of the bud.
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