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    What is this?

    My guess is nute burn......I would flush her....that k..bloom is very strong shit.... be safe
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    What is Jdog Kush?

    Yes it is from S1 bubba seed....I told him a few years back to name it Jdog kush so peeps wouldn't confuse it with bubba ...or 1 of a thousand OG's.... at the time he was new to the grow seen and didn't want to name it after himself ..... after a while of growing it and catching shit he...
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    some pieces of glass

    this was my favorite piece ...(made by yourMom) but it was stolen:mad0223:......loved my doughnut sidecart bubbler:rock......hope you are well safe
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    What brand of Colloidal Silver would work best?

    Yea make it with a 9 volt battery 2 pieces of wire,a piece of pure silver and a glass of h2o....
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    do members ever meet

    I've met maybe 100 or more peeps here in the USA... we have Nug'&jugs like 2 or 3 times a year.... get ready we come
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    Top Ten Favourite Movies

    some of my favs are Goodfellas Casino Pulp Fiction rambo (1st 1 only) whatever it was called poison ivy (t&a) RoseWood
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    Help with determining sex of plant

    looks male by the overbite...but I wait for a 2nd (ball) to grow before chucking it... be safe
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    orgo at your service. :)

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    Feds storm 25 locations in Humboldt County

    Sounds like this ass is talking out of both sides of his mouth.... Which was it ...."215 patients weren't targets" or "215 patients are still illegal in fed eyes"..:angry: Ill pray for you all:mellow:
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    Hello Buck & Sparo... It's nice to see so many old names in 1 place.....I have a few of your mix seeds packs and a few others like BoggyHaze....:happy: I hope you are feeling safe
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    Hello ....

    ..... :cool:
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    Hello ....

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    Hello ....

    .grow safe
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