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    sfv og kush bx1!!!

    Hi DJ nice thread on the OGK bx1 Bro!I've been running it close to a year now and its turned me into a flippin KUSH Head!:smiley_joint:Got some of Swerves mix pack going, 1s in flower and I'm getting ready to transplant 3 more to 5 gal pots.They will veg for another 3 weeks before I flip them...
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    I Fought The Jones And I WON!

    Congratz FastForward!I just paid $51.00 for a carton of Marlboro's :devil I'm hoping to give them up real soon too.
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    Hi Shoe!:smiley_joint:
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    High again....

    Umm got any red cups I can borrow?Way to go Whiskey:sun2:
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    To Hightimes

    Hightimes was a good magazine back in the day,but since the start of online marijuana growing forums like this one,Why waste your money?Everything ya need to know is here and better!!!
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    Boiling Roots??

    I've heard of this but never tried it either.Can"t see trying to explain to the wife why I'm boiling pot plant roots in the kitchen!!!
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    I come for your daughter chuck.

    Can you collect rain?Maybe cut it with your well water to bring the ppm down.
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    Digi Ballast

    By any chance are you using a Plusrite bulb? Ive had 2 of them not light-up when on a timer.Had to go back to the Hortilux eye:mad0233:
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    Greetings from Florida

    ^^^ Ain't that the truth!:scared0016: welcome Florida flowers
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    digital ballast help

    I have The lumatek 600. The first one was blue and went out after 4 months. Md hydro sent out another which was purple,it lasted 5 months. The last one #3 is purple and has a reset button on the back,it has been doing great since last May. I also have their 400 with no problems. From what I've...
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    heres what chucky is growing

    Hey Chuck the white is looking insanely sweet! Do you hash ? BTW you have many strains there worth MoM status or (MILG)s Mothers I'd like to grow! Nice grow Daddy-O:rock
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    hello fellow farmers

    Hey Chuck glad to see ya over here!:tongue0011:
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    Watts/lumens per square foot ?

    Ive got 2 600's in a 3x6 homemade flowering box. TK I've been thinking about this topic since your first post, did some math and went ahead and bought another 600 digital. That should put me at 100% Great thread man!
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    Hey cats Reeferman !

    welcome :hi
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    Hello fellow ganga lovers...

    Welcome To thc JH420! My name is Krizznapp and I'm a strain whore too! Sounds like the begenning of an AA meeting! Anyways there is a lot of good info here, have fun.:hi
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    Catch respect from Russia

    Welcome to thc !:beer
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    having a rough time

    Goodluck with this Andy107! Maybe your Mom needs to find a Doctor who isn't closeminded also.
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    Aloha from Greyskul

    Welcome Greyskull !:beer
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    Arnie and Chong Were Smoking Buddies

    I'd smoke weed with them!:party
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    Checkin' it out

    Welcome BrotherMonk!Glad to see you here:)
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