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  1. RG420

    Blue Steel

    Just scored a pack anyone running this strain or know anything about the og blueberry cut? :)
  2. RG420

    Rg420's Secret Gardens

    Ain't done a diary in a while so here I am :) nothing major just a couple tents on the go currently running GG4, Uk Cheese, killer Queen, Pink Lemonade and 2 x phenos of Archives Lemon Amnesia :) I'm growing in soil at the mo bio bizz and using organic bottled nutes from Plant Magic Old Timers...
  3. RG420

    Super Silver Haze

    Anyone run packs of this lately? Seriously thinking of trying a pack or 2, but tbh there's not much hype or talk about it lately can ya still find that SSH banger??
  4. RG420

    Spider Mite Prevention/control

    Just wondering what everyone uses as a preventative/control measure against spider mites? Was thinking a neem folair spray every week? And if God forbid it gets out of hand what has worked for you? was thinking of mitey wash.....
  5. RG420

    Best Bulb For Flower Duel Spectrum Or Hps?

    Hey guys just wondering what your thoughts are? :D
  6. RG420

    Can't Keep A Good Man Down!

    What's up farmers :) so I recently had a security risk and had to shut up shop on my pack of Archive Seeds Amnesia Haze Bx1 which blessed me with 7 females but only got to week 2 flower!! :( Anyways back up and at em this time with 7 Grimace Og ( Archive seeds ) Tangerine Powers ( sin city ) 4...
  7. RG420

    Hmmmm...what Flavour To Run Next?

    Hey farmers please help me choose what strain/strains to run next outta..... SinCity Tangerine Power Archive seeds Grimice Og Exotics Kimbo Kush Exotics Future :D
  8. RG420

    Amnesia Haze Bx1 - Archive Seeds

    Hey farmers thaught I'd share this next grow with ya, got a pack of Amnesia Haze Bx1 from archive along with Casper Og but I'll run the Caspers at another time. So germed these a few days ago in wet paper towl and got 100% germ rate then plonked them into some Organic dirt and got 100% up above...
  9. RG420

    Archive Seeds

    Hmmmm can only pick 1.... Casper OG Face Off OG BX2 Grimace OG Decisions, decisions.... :) What would you choose??
  10. RG420

    Ghost Train Haze #1 feminised!

    So RD have released there fem version of GTH #1...... What do the farmers think? Worth a shot? :)
  11. RG420

    Recomendations for some nice purp buds?

    Sup farmers! So basically I'm looking to get some nice seeds that finish up with tasty, purpley and potent buds. Can anyone help a brotha out and point me to some breeders to check out! :hungry: RG420
  12. RG420

    Og Raskal white master Kush & bodhi white lotus..

    Just noticed this researching my next run..... Og Raskals white master Kush Bodhi white lotus.... Very similar?
  13. RG420

    Blue Band

    Blue band, we took a great looking blue god male, and hit it to the headband clone. Nice rock hard nuggets grow all over her. No need to crop. She is a medium bushy plant on her own. 8 to 9 week of flower. A great combo blue god and Headband. Dose well outdoor as well. Genetics: Blue God male x...
  14. RG420

    My little Pinapple Express scrog

    Hey there farmers thought I'd stick up my next little venture :) And also my first ThcFarmer diary! :woot: Basically iv just cropped this from seed and running 2 cuts again under a screen as she really impressed me! The cuts have been under a 125w cfl for a good few weeks now and have been...
  15. RG420

    Sour Jack?

    Hey Farmers just bought a pack an wondering if anyone has grown em out recently?
  16. RG420

    A solid sour D strain to try?

    Hey farmers! :) Basically I'm looking for a nice Sour Diesel strain or cross to try, iv been looking for a while now but can't seem to go for one as I'm worried about hermies etc. any of ya fine green thumbs recommend a solid strain?
  17. RG420

    Hey from the UK!

    Greetings farmers Uk grower here, nothing major just a humble tent in ma bedroom under a 400W. Seen some fantastic stuff on here and excited to get around the boards and meet ya all RG420
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