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    Cherry OG

    this cherry og from ET is og kush x cherry thai.. im glad you posted that lineage though cuz ive been curious to if there are any other cherry ogs around cuz i got mine as a cut so i dont know where it comes from at all.. just assumed it was from ET. the buds do look like the ones on the pics...
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    Cherry OG

    i got a clone of cherry og and finally got one in flower and it is so bomb. such a nice smell and beautiful fat buds. i dig it for sure. mine always has purple stems, at first i thought it was lockout but noticed they always have it, even when theyre perfectly healthy. any one else have one...
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    bubba 76 help?

    i grew a 76 bubba i got from clone and it is the most retarded plant ive ever seen, almost impossible to grow.. freakin branches out of branches and turns into this retarded bush of just leaves and branches and grows so slow and so compact the light cant go through so most the leaves die and it...
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    Cleaning house...............

    yes that poison og is a rare one. very dank og. it was a cut found by ogkushman back in 96 when the og kush became popular.
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    D King!!

    i had the elvis cut but let it go. dont remember it being too special but JJ prolly made it way better. pretty sure its citral x skunk 1
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