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  1. Geopv916

    4 Ethos DWC Flowering Journal... Share your wisdom guys.

    Hey guys , been a while since i used the site, but i wanted to share this adventure with you guys. Feel free to share advice, or just sit back and watch the show. Not a pro grower, i do it as a hobby. So i have 4 plants in DWC buckets 2 fem Mandarin Cookies r1 v2 2 normal "jolly rancher" im...
  2. Geopv916

    Harvesting Question

    So I've been paying attention to trichromes over schedule and I did the old count 20 trichromes trick 15 were milky cloudy 5 were amber so that means cut. 2 weeks ago I leached my plant t with 25 gallons of pure ro ph water and just given it water to ph since and my ppm runoff dropped like...
  3. Geopv916

    Need Help With Claw And Or Other Problems

    so I have a dwc mango kush at 35 days flowering it's supposed to be a 9-11 weeks strain with no root rot oh at 5.9 Temps 72-75 canopy And I might have put too much nitrogen (the recommended dose which I feed my other plants and are doing great) two days ago I drained 2 gallons and added 2...
  4. Geopv916

    Trying A Perpetual Grow.. Help Aprecciated

    guys I'm starting this journal mid grow with other strains on the side lines waiting to be Introduced. I'll start with the basics. My maint three plants. All three were given to me mature all I did was flip. That's why there is no training. And I'm not entirely convinced the strains he told me...
  5. Geopv916

    Week 5 Flowering Feedback

    Hey guys I'm what you'd call a failed experienced grower I've had 3 attempts at growing and failed each time. Even failing I've had lots of fun and each time I grow from it. Here I am on my way to attempt number 4 30 days into flowering. 8-9 week strain. I ask for constructive criticism. I keep...
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