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    Rippin my glass collection

    run through without rips..... interesting. I will try next time. Warmup lap :D I love the races. peace
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    Rippin my glass collection

    hahaha. Yes a little bit stressed, forgot to fill the Snob slide. put the vertigo on front of the camera, and droped my luke wilson slide. All of this because the rally tokes .
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    Rippin my glass collection

    Here rippin for a contest almost all my glass. Delicatessen glass micro with luke wilson slide Termini double bubbler Heat that TI Vertigo bubbler with Koji 1up slide Snob without weed :D jolex meyers oil rig highly educated ti 14 mm ehle 250 All of it wearing an authenthic morrocan chilaba...
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    Vote for winner: Photo of the Month - Feb 2009

    difficult election but Get mo have my vote.
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    Sólo tienes que decir "patata"!!!

    jajaja cuanta gente del cc. jajaja. Oriweedy al habla. saludos a todos y PATATA!!!
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    pasado, presente y futuro....

    muy bonitas se ven todas. suerte
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