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  1. Notoriousskunk

    Bugs i keep getting (ID BUG ISSUE) ?

    WOW😎 I Havent been here for ages and this site looks so different. due to this pandemic i started doing a little persy grow and i keep getting these pest i attached a picture of leaf damage and macro shots of the buggers 😒 i have tried neem and bio green garlic but no matter what these keep...
  2. Notoriousskunk

    coco nightmare, options choices solutions.

    I have been growing for a while and I have never had much problems, but COCO COOORRRR BLINDME. Used soil b4 no probs dwc ,nft no probs I was giving light dosage of canna coco until 2 weeks ago a problem appeared that looked like Sulphur aDeficiency. So now on the full recommended dose . Week and...
  3. Notoriousskunk

    Attic grow (code:kushabove)

    Cheers guys, I have cleaned up allot in there still another few days or so but the space is coming along fine. Realised when I was exploring up there it’s hot as shit, I think that’s due to no ventilation any where. So I think the best option for air would be to make a vent in the port hole...
  4. Notoriousskunk

    Attic grow (code:kushabove)

    Cheers guys well its under way < the way i see it is try and see how it goes got a few ideas for venting and flooring so far after some research, let the games begin.
  5. Notoriousskunk

    Attic grow (code:kushabove)

    the only thing that has slowed me down is dust and ventilation, how would i vent the space properly if there is no windows or air supply, the roof i think breaths but i don't fink it is enough for the girls. getting fresh air in might be a big problem. thanks for your input guys keep it...
  6. Notoriousskunk

    Attic grow (code:kushabove)

    Wats up THCF Long time since I post on here been busy as shit. Its that time !!!!! I really want to smoke OG Kush and I cant get hold of none, so I guess I got to grow my own. The only problem is space!!!! Only thing o could get is a awkward attic space. Dusty, cluttered, no floor...
  7. Notoriousskunk

    Sick ladies

    Thanks Man , Very Encouraging :sick0004: :passingjoint: had to smoke a fat one reading the shit you wrote, but thanks for your honest opinion< but i need help not a knock back . DR fake ass:bubblez: locked her off today, looked the same maybe a bit worse. tomorrow 250w...
  8. Notoriousskunk

    Sick ladies

    wow finally i posted back on THCF:wait ok i have some babies in coco, under 600w hps. they look a bit sick i think it might be heat stress or water problem as i was unable to get to the garden for a week. hope i attached pics ok let me know wat you think guys thanks $K :rauch08:
  9. Notoriousskunk

    1st TIME larger then 4 Tree's(IAMBACK)

    back to work 2 week old baby's that had sum abuse from beginner so i had to adopt them. killa watts and cheese wrecks Seedism 1 week old seedlings 7 x SUPERLEMONHAZE - green house 1 x didnt pop (so I wet paper toweled two for good luck) 14 x BLZ BUD and sum killa Watts x 14 few look...
  10. Notoriousskunk

    32 pot coco capillery action gro xxl budbox 600w x 2

    i thought that but i am sure i read somewhere that you cant take cuts till like the 2 month of veg growth? crazy, any way i got my seeds today all left in damp kitchen roll 30 cheese wreck, 1 LA WOMAN and 1 SOUR Cream Peace N$
  11. Notoriousskunk

    32 pot coco capillery action gro xxl budbox 600w x 2

    when is the best time to take cutting off a plant from seed, i got 4 of them lightly lst'ed and loads of side shoots are coming off but its only been 5 weeks from seed can i still take the cuts? Peace N$
  12. Notoriousskunk

    32 pot coco capillery action gro xxl budbox 600w x 2

    pic soon
  13. Notoriousskunk

    32 pot coco capillery action gro xxl budbox 600w x 2

    I am back fucking hell i forgot how much i loved this site even dow i pissed of the admin and felt unwelcome:brokenheart for a while but i also had a security issue. but i got a new set up 2 x 1m by 1m tray wiv 16 pots in each and coco xxl budbox so i am trying to get sum seeds or...
  14. Notoriousskunk

    Forgots 800w meter squared

    nice bro
  15. Notoriousskunk

    Mold during curing process (IAMBACK)

    hey all glad to be back at the farm i been having internet problems like a bitch. i recently finished my crop grown under 250w , DWC dr80 chocolope banging taste like that drink lilte or how ever u spell it, nice shit rocket high nice to get creative 2. 2oz or more roughly Budda cheese...
  16. Notoriousskunk

    friends crop seeding at or 7 weeks?

    mix up of amnesia haze,chisel an blue cheese cant find which 1 hermied dow
  17. Notoriousskunk

    friends crop seeding at or 7 weeks?

    friends crop is seeding and he aint sure wat to do, they appeared to all be female but the whole crop has just started seeding, wat would you do in a situation like this? Peace N$:scared0016:
  18. Notoriousskunk

    Anyone wanne test Price winning genetics ? he he

    have the beans been posted yet? how long qud they take to arrive to the UK? N$ ps Thanks again karma will do you proud
  19. Notoriousskunk

    pics of flowers and gardens and mj oh my!

    nice garden, wish i had an outdoor garden lol N$
  20. Notoriousskunk

    Came to this site from another site.

    Welcome bro Enjoy the Farm , I Have N$
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