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    Arizer Vaporizer

    Hi guys im thinking to buy a Arizer v-tower vaporizer, anybody tried it ? or can i fnd something better for the price? Thanks
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    sick plants in flowerin time

    Hi Krazydan, the plants look good now. ill put some pics soon. they are mango haze from mrnice seeds an indik pheno i think a nl5 side, before two rainy days she stopped to show that yellow, they are flowering wonderfull. I using some crop + or delta9 like booster, guano rojo from chile rich...
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    sick plants in flowerin time

    thank you fred I apreciate your words
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    sick plants in flowerin time

    for me too but im not sure. if its i got lucky cause we got a rainy nite
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    sick plants in flowerin time

    Hi guys i got a problem with one plant in flower time i think some excess of P what do you think?
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    A Gem in Every Pack

    Hi guys. Imade my order from the last days on rm website I order 10 of william nelson ( most of all males and poor rated of germ) 10 of romulan ( no complains ) 5 g-sus ( dont receive this strain it was changed for cbi and gets 4 males and only 1fem ) i try to contact this guys but...
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    RM-willie nelson

    Hi ! that is my experiencie with this strain too. You must be happy growlife! Yes, Ill do it but he never answer me. I think so.
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    Reeferman Romulan

    nice pics! Reeferman Romulan is one of my favorites,The flavor is a high point with this strain, and the high is very pleasant..up and clear buzz It fades to lightly dreamy, but with a calming and relaxed body effect. its extremely tasty with flavors sweet pine. no purps. easy to grow...
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    Reeferman Romulan

    SOME MORE :bong2:
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    Reeferman Romulan

    Hi guys here is my romulan
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    Spannabis 2009

    muy buen video! gracias por compartir!:passingjoint::cool0041:
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    pasado, presente y futuro....

    Hola amigo Funk! Hermosas nenas, un pasado con historia, un presente q promete mucho y un futuro con la mejor genetica!!! mis mejores augurios con estas lindas! Muy lindas esas Romulan lola! Yo las llevo las de Reef en ext, y una lastima q no hayan sacado esos lindos colores. Como estas de...
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    rhino tar kush

    Hey maripurix really nice work... will see how they goes... best regards!:bong-hits:
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    Best regards! it looks pretty nice DNDgrower... I will stay here to see how it goes...
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    Mako Haze

    I looks very nice. I would like to prove some day! Recuerdos de BS As. :rock
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    Sólo tienes que decir "patata"!!!

    patata:sign0023: ya esta dicho! q bueno encontrar a los cafeteros x aqui! Un saludo a la peña!:rock
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    for the spanish od growers

    Hi I would like to grow mako haze i like hazes!:cool0010: Best regards!
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    Willie Nelson from Reeferman

    YES! hehe THATS MY REEF !! I really want to have some of this some year but hempdpot is expensive!
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