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    Adding Carbs To Your Grow

    Any kind of alchohol is very bad for plants!:confused0054:
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    how to use molasses

    I use 1 tsp per gallon. fish emulsions are good for fungi
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    reliable and cheap soil ph tester

    Iwas just wondering if anybody knows of a good ph tester thats affordable. I'm on my second hydro farm meter. There blike 8 bucks work good,but only for a few times.
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    Need Tips

    I think a flood light may be too hot
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    which organic nutes to use?

    I use oranicare grow and bloom granules as my base. Also I use maxicrop fish emulsions for extra n when needed. I use earthjuice microblast,catalyst meta k, Earthworm castings and bat guano. I make teas with differant ratios of ingredients depending on if im veg or flower. Iuse these with great...
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    new guy

    hey everyone just want to say hello and this is the best site ive came across yet. I love to grow, and share things with people who do to.
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