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  1. mack 10

    Search For That New New

    Solo's Stash x Biker Kush. Holla all Farm crew! Thought I'd throw up a new thread, so here we go... Lost all my keeper moms! I'd kept them religiously since 2010. Sucks major balls but onwards an upwards... So I need to find some new keepers from my seed collection. (which, luckily is pretty...
  2. mack 10

    Full Melt Dry Sift.

    Last bit of Sift from Chimera's Island Purp's. no carding.
  3. mack 10

    Popping some beans...

    Yo Farmers!! It's that time again, time to pop some beans..... First off we have some Cookies (forum cut) x SSSDH from CSG, some CheeseBerryHaze from Esko, Extrema from S a n n i e, Some Electric Lemon larry x Flaming cookies from Cannaventure, and a few of my own creations like Chem D s1...
  4. mack 10

    Mack's Blue's.

    Ola Farmer's! Here's my latest round of Mack's Blues. All grown indoor organic.
  5. mack 10

    Cookie wreck.

    Ola Farmers! Got these mad beans from cannaventure,just popped 5 to start and 4 came up within 36 hours, Big ups Cannaventure! this one's getting it's gangster lean on....
  6. mack 10

    Starberry and sour star.

    Ola farmers:) Been getting busy with some of Hortilab's new gear. Here's some pic's,first off a groupshot of the sourstar and starberry about a week old.then a Starberry seedling(round pot's). the next pic show's a couple of sourstars.(square pots)Just starting their veg cycle. They look like...
  7. mack 10

    Vic's High.

    Ola Farmer's, The time has come for another Pieces Genetic's run. This strain came recommended by Jimmy himself..So let's see what these beans can do.Full pack hit the shot glass for a quick soak....we'll check them tomorrow... If ya got some Vic's High pics, post them suckers...
  8. mack 10


    Well done Hortilab with another placing at the 25th HTCC, the buds i saw and smoked where sigature horti style, super tight trim,dense nugs, dankness in the aroma and taste and great high...And i got the starberry!!Muahahahahaaha! Horti forgot my hat though,:) lol i'll forgive you horti, see...
  9. mack 10

    G doggy P.

    Ola Farmers, Grand Doggy Purps. got this one as a clone from the UK underground. These ladies have been vegged for 2 weeks then flowered,this is their first week of bloom. being fed Cellmax Y and X Bloom, Massive and the missing link by Bio Nova. Ec 1.0 pH 6.3.
  10. mack 10

    Chem D clone's. 2 different version's.

    holla, Well awhile back i finally got the Chem D clone, after growing ot out it seems legit, however someone else claimed is was a fake, so i obtained their version as well. this thread will be the head to head, side by side trail. Here is apic of the the so called Real chem( i call it v2)
  11. mack 10

    Biker le Blanc.

    Karma's new baby. From the biker kush line, Biker le Blanc, aka White OG (v1) x Biker kush.These are hot off the presses, so i just had to drop the pack into germ(13 in my pack, ooh yeah!) all the beans sank within 12 hours and have been planted in soil. i'll be back with the germ results.Keep...
  12. mack 10

    Emerald Triangle seed comp.

    Holla @ ya Farmer's, So a couple month's ago, the contest was announced, i jumed at the chance of trying these new jem's. then nothing for months, till today:) The postman banged on my window wanting a sig for a package, it was my Emerald Triangle beans!!a pack of 76Bubba and a Jack H x OG...
  13. mack 10

    where is everyone?

    Allstar , you out there?? what you working on? and why's it so dam quiet over here?Everyone still sleeping on asg gear? Mack.
  14. mack 10

    Chem D

    Here's the legend that is Chem D, vegging up in a 5gallon bucket of soil, justwaiting for some cuts to root,then its flip time.
  15. mack 10

    420 cup. Amsterdam.

    High all Farmers! hope you had a good 4.20. I had the pleasure of taking part in the 4.20 cup in Amsterdam,My entry was in the Indica catagory. Would you believe it ...i came 2nd!!!! with Mack's Blues. Here's the winners; Sativa; 1st; Soma liberty haze. 2nd; c5 haze from Prix d' mi. 3 rd...
  16. mack 10

    Dirty Harry

    Recently i aquired a Dirty Harry cut, That's Sweet Pink Grapefruit Bx1 x Herijuana, i thinko_O The vigour on these is insane and they grow really nice and bushy. On to some pics...
  17. mack 10

    Romulan Haze.

    Well i thought i'd already started this thread but i could'nt find it anywhere so i must of imagined it,lol prob smoking too much herb,hahahaha. Anyway, My main man Jimmynitz sent me these new Fem beans, the Romulan Haze, (NL5/Haze x ecsd clone x Romulan) to test out. All 6 beans into germ and...
  18. mack 10

    The Rumble in the jungle,Part 2.

    So here we go, Hortilabs Rumble in the jungle, baby:bong2:Part 2, First off Big Up's to Hortilab and Logic :sun As we all no the strain in question is the Super Sour Skunk,(Pre'98 Super Skunk crossed to Rez's E.C.S.D...
  19. mack 10

    Sunmaster bulbs wont spark?

    High Farmers, just brought some new bulbs.switched from osram super nav t, to the sunmaster( these are the only bulbs my hydro shop now sell's, go figure?) The sunmaster works fine in my digi ballast's, but will not spark in my magnetic ballast? osram and grolux work, sunmaster just make a...
  20. mack 10

    El cid

    So got these Crazy test beans called El Cid,(Hashplant/cheese x morrocan) from the Allstar OG.Here's a pic These beans went from postbox to shotglass in under an hour:banana1sv6:Let's see what's inside these new beans....Mack
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