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    My small '08 garden grow

    That's a nice grow you got here !! I think you'll get high weight whith this Nice AK47 sativa , very nice crop in perspective ! BOM BOM BOLENAT SHIVA !! Namaste Baba :cool:
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    When is my misses gonna pop??

    I wish you all the best for your happy familly ! I send you warm greetings, love and a lot of courage that everybody needs more and more to live in this world ! U did it good, seems that your baby is true beauty ^^ !!!! take good care bro ! ENJOY Ur life :p
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    Foire Aux Clones ...

    Excellente idée frenchfarmer ce topic de foire o clones^^ !! Aie Aie Aie ça fait tout chose quand tu parles de la beuh d'Oregon !!! Oregonian are the most craziest puffers I've seen so far ^^ and they GROW The Chronic, real DOGE ! donc ui ui ui ça commence bien ici ^^ et la master...
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    Welcome to the Farm !!! Enjoy it HERE ^^^ :happy:
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    Salut Les Fermiers

    En effet Hanuman !! Bienvenu à la Ferme.. lol et BOM BOM BOLENAT SHIVA !!! :p
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    bonjour hola hello everybody

    Welcome to the FARM :rolleyes:
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    new member

    Namaste baba ^^ and Welcome to "Ze" farm ..... (french accent indeed) ! Enjoy :p
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    hallo Karma Genetics coming on board.....

    Welcome to the Farm and Enjoy it here !! :happy: p s: what is that previous message about ?? lol Spam already ... arg
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    Nice One

    Growers have good life in Tokyo, and a lots of Friends ,believe me !!! Also , remember that girls love foreigners and Japaneses are yummy yummy ^^ :)
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    Salut Les Fermiers

    French can grow Too ^^ :) Salut à tous les Fr ds la place.. et qd je dis Fr ça veut dire francophone only ! donc voili voilà.. je suis nouveau sur ce forum bien sympathique et j'espere y passer du bon temps !! Peace 4 all bro ^^ Que la FORCE soit avec nous ^^
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