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  1. HTCLeafLST

    Samsung lm301b or lm301h?

    Doesn't this article (written by Samsung) say otherwise?
  2. HTCLeafLST

    Samsung lm301b or lm301h?

    Hi everyone, i've been a lurker for quite a while here and seeing more and more grower switching to LEDs! I'm in the process of upgrading my old 250watt HPS grow light to a quantum board and was originally looking at the samsung lm301b diodes but while I was researching I learned that Samsung...
  3. HTCLeafLST

    Hey, from Vermont!

    Hi everyone, long time lurker here from Vermont, i've been growing for a few years now under a 250watt HPS and using a couple T5's for a small cloning and initial veg room. I've learned a lot here about LST and also upgraded my soil to FFOF and have seen some real nice improvements in my...
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