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    Mars og and a few girl scout cookies

    So its been a long while since my last harvest that i posted anything so heres to a new thread and hopefully more success. Now i am using C.S. solutions veg right now. I have a 600w and a 4 site system. I am ordering cages today for my buckets and i am done with tieing up every time lol. I have...
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    Wildfire og 4 site 600w no c02

    Hello again guys last round was super dank and this round should be even better. Being that i have now gotten a few runs under my belt. I feel that i am equipped with the knowledge to grow nothing but serious dank flowers from here on out. I plan on using burpee cages around the plants and will...
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    back again with fire og ... cs nutes

    Hello farmers ready for another round happen to stu mble upon 4fire ogs from a buddy teens thevare about 15 inches with rotos in the sólo evhere . Put them in the system last friday guey finally have roots touching fue water. Water temp 65 folk temp 7Rh 56 to 66 . Teo fans one rotating one...
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    Few questions for new outdoor grower

    Can i start germinating seeds right now and veg them indoors for a few weeks and plant outdoors. Will they grow or will they stay short and flower?
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    2nd round with C.S. nutrients.

    Im back finally ! Been working my but off lately. I have the whole CS line and have been really liking the results so far. I have pics to show some progress but couldnt get them to load so here it goes. I have been following the. Feed chart as follows and actually have been seeing big results...
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    vpd questions

    I was using the chart and saw that it said for optimal growth it need s to be at the .85 range. I have a uc and i was kinda worried that at 85 temp and water temps at 66 and ppms at 500 my rh had to be at 80 to be optimal kinda scary to do any one done this before all help is wanted and...
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    Newbie in the UC

    Hey the names tipper i have finally got setup and going my xl uc . It has four 8 gal. buckets with peek corner. I went out and got a few clones that were around idk 10 to 14 inches tall and put them in the system. I am using a 600 w hps to veg them with since i didnt have the money to get...
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    burmese kush , masta kush grow 2011

    Hey farmers finally i am back and in action. I have 6 Burmese kush which finish in 56 days and 6 master kush which finish in 8 to 9 weeks. I am using aeroponics NFT technique with H&G aqua flakes, 600 w air cooled hood , 11,000 btu ac and additives. Here are a few pics of the first week of...
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    Good bloom booster for OG plants week 3

    I am looking for advice on good bloom boosters in week 3 and through out. I have been having ppm issues but i was told to run half strength so tat will solve all my problems. Thanks tex. Any help on this situation would help greatly . Thank you thc farmers and have a great day
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    help needed

    I am having temp issues and dont know what else to do. I have a 8x8 ft room with a 600 w hps ad a 600 w ballast.I have a 12 site aeroflo and i have a portable ac 11,00 btu. My current temps are 88 degrees and 27 rh is this an issues or what can i do to solve it. I also have ducting from my light...
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    help with room temps

    i have a 8x8 room fully sealed i have a 600w hps and a 600 w digital ballast. I have air flow off the light thru the ducting and i have a 11,000 btu portable ac unit in there currently my temps are 88 degrees and around 27 rh. Now i was told on another site i was screwed can i please get some...
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    tippers 2nd grow

    hey all hows it been i know i have been away but doing improvements and relaxing. I am so stoked cause i just built a new room for mothers and clones i have 6 mothers on the way. But im here to keep u updated on my new $100 og girls i have in my aeroflo 12 site under 600W hps sunmaster. I wanted...
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    2nd grow 12 babies $100 OG

    So im back and ready to start on a clean slate now. I think i have my system down and now i have one strain and dont have to worry about starting to soon or too late on certain strains. Here is the spec i have for my room. I have one 600 w hps and a 600 w Global Greenhouse ballast. I have 3...
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    Anybody have information on 100$ og

    I just got some clones called 100$ og i couldnt find anything out on them =. Does anybody know or have experience with this strain? Thanks .
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    drying in the dark at 90 degrees 50 -60 rh ?

    Is it ok if i dry it at 90 degrees being that my garage doesnt get any cooler during the day. My humidity is from 55 to 60 during the day and around 48 to 55 during the night. I have three fans going in my room so there wont be no missed air flow. Is this ok for the plants or am i hurting them...
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    Quick question ?

    I have an aeroponic system with 10 plants. Between those 10 plants i have 3 sour cream and 2 god gifts in one res and then in the other i have 3 mt Shasta ( unknown strain ) 1 true og a blue dream and a la con. Now in my first res my gods gifts are ready to be flushed and cut for drying. But i...
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    Help ! Plants looking sick Help!

    I have recently taken pictures today in my garden and have been seeing that many top leafs are curling down and droping. Please help me for i am a noob and dont know what the problem is.
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    Can you use organic Molasses in an aeroflo aeroponics system

    Or is there something else i can use to fatten my girls up during the 4 week of flower. I am using bud candy at 2.5 ml per gallon but i have not seen any difference. Please help for i am a newbie and this is my first grow lol. Thanks all.
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    Newbie Grow Log , Sour Cream, True OG , Blue dream , mt shasta , Gods gift

    Hello everyone as you can see i am new to growing and being a medical patient. I have recently came into a aeroflo 12 site system. I was also given some botanicare products ( Cal mag , Aqua shield, Hydroplex ) , And General Hydroponics products ( Flora Bloom , Grow, Micro) Along with House &...
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    NEWBIE ! Hello im tipper

    I am currently new to everything when it comes to legal growing and understanding how to do it "Right". I just recently bought a house and converted an 8ft by 8ft room in my garage . I was given an aeroflo 12 site system with nutrients from an ex marine when i bought his refrigerator. I am...
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