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    Whats up eveybody

    welcome to the farm tk99...chill place here.
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    greetings from west mids

    Welcome to the farm roast beef. Nice peeps here.. ...ckt
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    How goes it

    Good luck on the hydro...welcome to the farm. ...ckt
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    Hello from Brazil

    Welcome to farm...we'd love to see some land races. peace...ckt
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    Has anyone had any trouble receiving their AlienDog?

    Nothing yet....'ll work out! ...ckt
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    Hey all iTzCESAR is now a THC Farmer : )

    Welcome to the farm. Just jump right'll be glad you did. ...ckt
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    Greetings from Florida

    Welcome florida'll find the sfv og kush here! Check with the Cali Connect crew on THCBay. There was some up the last time I checked. ...ckt
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    whatsup farmers

    Good place to chill beantown. Welcome!! ...ckt
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    Nice!! Welcome to the farm!! ...ckt
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    howdo farmers :)

    Welcome...great start at the farm. Once SS get PM...its over. You can't effectively spray 'cause SS is so leafy you never get the spray everywhere. That was my experience anyway. Good luck with that. ...ckt
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    What's up fellas

    Welcome...nice of you to start posting...have fun! ...ckt
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    OO-OO That smell...

    Welcome to the farm...congrats on being in the newest med state. Sounds like your ahead of a lot of us. Love to see your work sir. ...ckt
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    Hello everyone

    Bud Garret...welcome!! Glad you found us! ...ckt
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    hi from Central EU !

    Welcome...that yummyOG sounds like a good cross indeed. Pics are nice! ...ckt
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    Just saying hi

    Your in the right place Darth Bud. WELCOME! ...ckt
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    A little help from my friends....

    Welcome to the farm...jiffy peat pellets works best for me. ...ckt
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    How's it?

    Welcome Lean Green...I think I've seen ya some where else before :hi good to have you here. ...ckt
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    Hello fellow heads

    C99 pics are always welcome BlackBart. Make yourself at home! ...ckt
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    TD comes to the Farm

    Welcome to the farm JJ. This place really is getting big. Impressive. Way to go Logic. peace...ckt
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    hey now - -

    nice fatty you rolled up there...welcome to the farm. peace...ckt
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